Testing Lead Acid’s

I have four old lead acid batteries stored in the garage. All of these batteries have been retired for some time but I keep them in the garage and charge them up every 3-6 months. This is the technique I used to measure the capacity of these batteries:- Charge the battery fully on my Ctek … Read more

AA Battery testing

This is simply about how I tested a bunch of old AA rechargeables. As it is quite possible we may get some power cuts this winter I decided I may want to make use of some old batteries we have. It actually adds up to quite a bit of energy storage. Before retirement I was … Read more

Lights for power cuts

Power cuts are quite possible this winter. Whatever the cause, we will have to deal with it. We are not badly placed. Our gas heating won’t work as the pump is electric, but we have a multifuel burner in the living room which should keep the chill off. We have stocked up with fuel just … Read more

Finally – battery charging

When I replaced the PDU with my version I did not bother with a battery charger.  As we never had a hook up, there was no point But last week we spent a few days on a campsite – with a hook up!!! Maybe we are getting old.  We didn’t really need it, but I … Read more


I have not written many songs, it averages out as one every two years for the last 12 years, so I’m not exactly a prolific songwriter. Although I sing and play in an acoustic duo – Tin Taxi I would not really describe myself as a singer-songwriter – not even as a budding one.  Soundcloud But … Read more


I changed to a MacBook. (19/6/21) I’ve had it for quite a few months now and the change has been mostly good, especially since I bought an iPhone 12 (18/8/21) and it links seamlessly with the MacBook. Some things are much better. The integration of the iPhone and the MacBook makes it very easy to … Read more

Going abroad.

This used to be so easy.  Now it’s more complicated. Passports Lots of sites on the web say that you need six months on your passport before you can enter an EU country from the UK.  I don’t know where they get this from.  We are going to Germany, and it’s not listed on the … Read more