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The Covid Chronicles

I have been tracking the progress of the pandemic,
and the governments handling of it since March 2020

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  • You’re on your own 26.Jun.22 - Hospitalisations are rising at around 40% per week.   Festival (or super spreader) season is upon us. (On a personal note, Cornwall's tourist season is starting which is a super spreader event in itself) The latest Omicron B4 and B5 variants are more severe than the recent B2 variant Testing is very low due to the government withdrawing free test lateral flow kits 90% of booster doses were issued before the start of 2022 - they begin lose effectiveness after… ... Read more


  • Scooters in General 4.Dec.20 - I am really enjoying the Address, so I was thinking of getting another more powerful scooter. But I think my… ... Read more


I write about……..anything really
  • Songs 28.Jun.22 - I have not written many songs, it averages out as one every two years for the last 12 years, so… ... Read more


I dabble in simple Techie stuff
  • Saving Energy 11.Aug.22 - I've been looking at ways to minimise our energy bill as the energy prices are about to rocket as the… ... Read more


Our Autosleepers Nuevo
  • Camping clubs 29.May.22 - We have been camping in our motorhome for a few years.  We have hardly ever stayed on sites, but the… ... Read more


God help us all


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  • NHS Shambles 16.Apr.22 - Recorded Covid cases are the lowest since before the Omicron wave.  This was achieved by the heroic action of the… ... Read more