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James Lovelock. Originator of the Gaia Theory



Our Autosleepers Nuevo

  • TV for the van 31.Aug.23 - We don't have a TV in the Van, and we don't miss it.  When we are away we tend to… ... Read more


I dabble in simple Techie stuff

  • Preamp Mods 6.Nov.23 - The preamp/mixer has been working very well, with a small mod to add a clip detector. This is a bidirectional… ... Read more


My Suzuki Address 110

  • Scooters in General 4.Dec.20 - I am really enjoying the Address, so I was thinking of getting another more powerful scooter. But I think my… ... Read more


I write about……..anything really

  • Guitars 1.Aug.23 - I have a few Guitars - too many.  I will shed some soon.  This post is mainly to remind myself… ... Read more


God help us all

  • Good Old South West Water. 16.Jul.23 - Drought?? Cornwall has been under a hosepipe ban since August 2022. In November 2022, SW water said:- Reservoir levels across… ... Read more