TV for the van

We don’t have a TV in the Van, and we don’t miss it.  When we are away we tend to be out and about or, if we are in for a while, we read quite a lot.  But it would be nice to occasionally watch something. I have recently bought another tablet, a Samsung Tab … Read more


I have a few Guitars – too many.  I will shed some soon.  This post is mainly to remind myself what I actually have got, and what strings are fitted. Freshman FA350FBF My favourite guitar.  Not much on line but I found this on Freshmans Facebook page. We have been diving into our archives and … Read more

Good Old South West Water.

Drought?? Cornwall has been under a hosepipe ban since August 2022. In November 2022, SW water said:- Reservoir levels across the South West are now very low and, in particular, are extremely low in Cornwall, following one of the driest periods in the region for over 130 years. Levels continue to fall and will remain … Read more

A new preamp

This is about a preamp I made for personal use with the Home Made Busking Amp. but it will work happily with any amp or PA system. It works fine with our Behringer B208D for example. Requirements were:- Small size Battery Driven Low consumption Fuss free. Small Size It is all contained in a 2″ … Read more

Home Made Busking Amp

General I play in Tin Taxi, an acoustic duo We do some busking and also the occasional spot in various locations.  This is a description of the amp I made. We had been using a VOX DA5 for busking.  It wasn’t bad. It had a guitar input with tone control and lots of special effects which … Read more

Amazon’s AI (Artificial Idiot)

Our shower switch broke.  So I ordered another on Amazon Prime for next day delivery.  I got an email saying it had ben dispatched. It didn’t arrive, nor the next day, not the next day.  So I tried to contact Amazon. So the artificial idiot says it wasn’t dispatched, yet the carrier picked up the … Read more

The NHS War Zone

Is “War Zone” a strong word here? Vladamir Putin and the Russian government are waging war on Ukraine, and civilian deaths are currently running at 188 per month (December 2022) Jeremy Hunt and the UK government are waging war on the NHS and civilian deaths are estimated to be running at around 2000 per month. Ukraine … Read more

A Universal Truth

There can only be one Universe – simply because “uni” means one. In the Multiverse there are not Universes – only Verses. And the verses go on forever, A bit like a Leonard Cohen song. 

Only a Fraction

“Only a fraction“. It’s a phrase that is in very common use. What does it mean? A quarter, an eighth, fifteen sixteenths or maybe seven sevenths?  Or is it even vulgar, like twelve tenths?   After a long investigation, taking only a fraction of the time, and using only a fraction of the resources that … Read more

Back up heaters

We were 100 miles into an 800 mile 4 day round trip, and we pulled into a service station. It was very cold so I went to turn on the Truma heater.  It wasn’t having it.  There was no spark for the ignition.  I tried changing the battery in the igniter, but to no avail.  … Read more