NHS Shambles

Recorded Covid cases are the lowest since before the Omicron wave.  This was achieved by the heroic action of the government in stopping free lateral flow tests. It has had some annoying side effects though:- The death rate (283 per day) is now higher than it was at the peak of the omicron wave  Hospital … Read more

Cases down?

The number of recorded Covid cases have peaked.  This may be because the number of infections are going down, or it may have something to do with this response from the NHS website This in turn may have something to do with the reduction in case numbers. Hospital admissions are rising by 11.5% per week (currently … Read more

UK, Ukraine and Covid

The war in Ukraine is a disaster brought on by Putin, a psychopath, probably in the first stages of dementia.  Deaths up to 24th March  a total of 1,035 killed (214 men, 160 women, 14 girls, and 28 boys, as well as 48 children and 571 adults whose sex is yet unknown) In the last … Read more

Not so easy rider

I took the old girl out for a little half hour ride today after filling her up with petrol.  I zero’d the odometer so I can check the mpg. She felt strange after riding almost nothing but the little Address for two years, but I soon got used to it.  The bit I kept forgetting … Read more

Bupa – our not so good experience

We decided to get some private health insurance and as Bupa is the biggest we thought we’d go with them. So we enquired, they asked for a few details, we agreed and then signed up. No problem, the rep was very nice. Then it all went bad. The next step was to get out medical … Read more

Float Replacement

I usually get the information I need from Snowbums website.  He writes in great detail, and in great depth, and is incredibly verbose.  The site is a wonderful resource for BMW owners From Snowbums website 13.  It is very easy to loose the TEENSY TINY paper-clip type of springy-thingy that clips into the float NEEDLE … Read more

Minor Mods

I have done a few minor mods to the old girl to make her a bit more comfortable Not really a modification, but I do like to know the time. I’ve had a watch on the keyfob ever since I got the bike The orginal handlebars are quite low.  I prefer a more “sit up” … Read more

On the road again

She has been off the road again for almost two years since the start of Covid. I have just sold my Honda SH300i so I have some room in the garage and some spare cash I got the old girl MOT’d and taxed today. I had to stop on the way to the MOT station … Read more


Cases hit a low on 25th February and have started to rise. Hospital admissions hit a low on 22nd February and are rising Deaths are still going down, but they are typically 18 days behind cases, so the low should be around mid March. This is not unexpected, given the removal of all restrictions, but … Read more

I finally got it.

Three days ago Boris announced a change to the Covid Rules From this Thursday, 24 February, we will end the legal requirement to self-isolate following a positive test, and so we will also end self-isolation support payments, although Covid provisions for Statutory Sick Pay can still be claimed for a further month. We will end … Read more