Every so often the muse takes me, and I type out my thoughts and put some on here.


  • Going abroad. - This used to be so easy.  Now it’s more complicated. Passports Lots of sites on the web say that you need six months on your passport before you can enter an EU country from the UK.  I don’t know where they get this from.  We are going to Germany, and it’s not listed on the ... Read more
  • Me and God. - Like a lot of my generation I was sent to CoE Sunday school from about five years old. I stopped going when I was nine. I think my parents were believers but they did not go to church. When I was around about eleven I joined the Boy’s Brigade which is a religeous based organization ... Read more
  • Lies - This post was originally posted on 2nd April 2020, but todays events are simply staggering. Boris Johnson, a consumate liar to the core, is now in danger of losing his job after been proven to have lied and to parliament which breaks the ministerial code. This IS a resignation matter. But Johnson’s response is not ... Read more
  • Bupa – our not so good experience - We decided to get some private health insurance and as Bupa is the biggest we thought we’d go with them. So we enquired, they asked for a few details, we agreed and then signed up. No problem, the rep was very nice. Then it all went bad. The next step was to get out medical ... Read more
  • Fining Pieces of Paper - The government has just fined Southern water £90,000,000 for pouring sewage into the sea. In 2017 a worker lost a thumb and fingers in an industrial accident. Almost four years later (May 2021) the company was fined for breaching Health and Safety regulations. We have fined banks;  we have  fined hospitals;  we have fined network ... Read more
  • Data - I was an electronic engineer for most of my working life.  During all of that time I used the word “data” lots of times, every day. It was never a plural word as it seems to be used now. Neither was it a singular word.  It was used in a similar way to “water” or ... Read more
  • England – the view from Cornwall (Fiction) - 11th September 2045 Today we remember the tragic destruction of the twin towers in New York forty four years ago, and celebrate Cornish Independence five years ago. It was a long struggle for Cornwall. With just over half a million people the county could not hope to stand on it’s own. But as it was ... Read more
  • Infinity and Beyond (Fiction) - My own opinion is that interplanetary travel by human beings is not a good idea. Humans have evolved over millions of years to live on Earth.  We are developing robots and AI at an increasing rate and these seem to be the sensible way to explore the solar system – or even the galaxy.  Would ... Read more
  • Flying Saucers - Let’s do a little extrapolating from the present to the next few hundred years based on developments over the last few years. We are sending automatic unmanned probes into space. Artificial intelligence is now advanced and its development is accelerating We are unlikely to send many human beings on long open ended trips with no ... Read more
  • The Pooper Scooper (Fiction) - The governments of all colours in the UK seem intent on pursuing or claiming to pursue a low tax economy.  So in an ultra low tax economy (as we may have in 2045) how would the central government and the ruling classes manage to maintain their income? The idea for this little story came from ... Read more