I was born in the North East of England and lived there for 27 years.  I then lived in Scotland for the next 42 years. (I now live in Cornwall.)

I love Scotland and the people and I am a staunch supporter of Scottish Independence. It pains me so much to see how Nicola Sturgeon has corrupted the Scottish Nationalist Party which was handed to her on a plate by Alex Salmond after Scotland voted by a very small majority to remain in the UK.

Sturgeon is accused of lying to Parliament, (a resignation matter) and her husband, Peter Murrell, the CEO of the SNP is accused of perjury  (a criminal offence with a custodial sentence).

Both of them, and their friends who have been appointed onto the National Executive Commitee have spend huge amounts of public and SNP money on trying to remove Alex Salmond as a future leader by ruining his reputation and even sending him to jail. They did this by framing him for crimes of sexual harassment and rape.  Salmond was found not guilty on all charges by a mostly female jury and a female judge.

The Scottish government continues to withhold evidence that would prove the conspiracy.  This is with the backing of the Crown office indicating that the justice system in Scotland is now under the control of Sturgeon.

I am incredibly sad to say, that I would NOT like to see Scotland get it’s independence while Sturgeon and Murrell are running the show.  There is a distinct possibility that the country could descend into a Zimbabwe style dictatorship.

Should she be removed, and replaced by someone NOT of her ilk, I would love to see a Scotland free from rule from the bunch of idiots we have in Westminster.

There are three ways she can only be removed. Two are by the SNP or by the legal system.  She has both hog tied.

The third is by losing the election on 6th May.  The (small) majority of Scotlands voter want independence, and she is using this as a carrot to say that if the SNP get a majority that will trigger a referendum.  But the truth is she could have triggered a referendum at any time in the past four years.  But she does not want independence!  The SNP would lose it’s raison d’être and she would have to compete on an equal footing against the other parties.

The media, by and large, are on Sturgeons side as they are mostly Unionist and do not want and independent Scotland. So they will not attack her misdemeanours as they do not want her replaced by a pro-independence leader.  They will however support either the Labour party of the Tory party (both anti-independence).

So it is up to Social Media to spread the word.  The leader in this is Stuart Campbell of  Wings over Scotland but there are others.

So my advice is to vote forvanother independence party, unless Sturgeon is replaced by someone who is not one of her cohorts.

Alba gu bràth


15 August 2021

Well Sturgeon won, so Scotland lost.  She has put independence to one side until the indefinitely ongoing Covid crisis is over. She failed to put Alex Salmond in jail, but as a consolation she has managed to put Craig Murray in jail.

Meanwhile the police are supposedly investigating the SNP’s finances, but as this will run into the same judicial system that persecuted Alex Salmond and jailed Craig Murray, the chances of an unfavourable outcome to the SNP are very remote.

Scotland’s education system, once the envy of the world would be a laughing stock, if it were not so sinister,  due to ridiculously over proportional influence of various transgender groups on the SNP.



23 October 2021

Unbelievably the Scottish government are now removing the word “mother” from it’s documents! 
There is time and money for this rubbish but not for independence.


“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

Abraham Lincoln


In a democracy,  you only have to fool enough of the people on election day.