Minor Mods

I have done a few minor mods to the old girl to make her a bit more comfortable

Not really a modification, but I do like to know the time. I’ve had a watch on the keyfob ever since I got the bike

The orginal handlebars are quite low.  I prefer a more “sit up” position on the bike, especially as I (my hips really) get older. So I have fitted some different handlebars. I think they are for a non LS R65.

I have also fitted Oxford heated grips – my circulation is not what it was either.

I fitted a charger point straight across the battery. This not only allows me to quickly connect my charger, but also lets me power my electric tyre inflator.

I have added a couple of LED daytime driving lights.  They come on when the ignition is switched on. I think they may make me more visible.

I have a USB connection for an Android phone, but the phone holder is on the Suzuki.

The previous owner has fitted stainless steel exhausts to the bike. 

Other than that, the bike is pretty standard. It is not a showroom bike.

She has a few bumps and scrapes, but she’s in good shape for a 39 year old working bike.

Future work is:-

  • fitting new floats and needles into the carbs
  • Cover the handlebars with black heatshrink (the black paint looks awful) – or I could buy some black handlebars
  • Fit LEDs into instruments
  • Fit LEDs into turn signals
  • Sort phone mount.