I used to write quite a bit about politics, but I have really given up. Why?

  1. Boris Johnson seems to be well ahead in the polls and the Tory party are riding high. Most people seem to think the fight against covid 19 is currently going well in the UK.

    People have short memories. In the first wave up until 1st August England had over 35,000 deaths. The UK government prevaricated and dithered and gaped as the pandemic got out of control in Italy and Spain. They ignored the practices in other countries like South Korea and New Zealand who managed the crisis well.

    Then the second wave and third wave arrived pushing England’s death toll to over 112,000. The attitude among many voters seems to be “Well, no-one could have done any better”

    Well some did.  At one point England had the highest deaths per head of population in the world. We are doing better now, thanks to the scientists doing a superb job producing the vaccines, and Johnson is taking the credit. So by rank incompetence he has allowed around 100,000 deaths in the UK but he is still riding high in the poles

  2. Nicola Sturgeon is also super popular in Scotland as she has conned the Scots into thinking there is going to be another referendum followed by independence. She and her husband, Peter Murrell, CEO of the SNP have no intention of making Scotland independent.  It is the carrot of independence which keeps them in power and if the donkey finally gets the carrot, they would have to compete on an equal footing with other parties.  To hang on to power she has tried to frame and jail an innocent man , Alex Salmond, who is the biggest threat to the Union. She actually did manage to jail Craig Murray for a crime she invented.
    But she has just won an election and is safe for another five years. 
    Even the incredible Rev. Stuart Campbell of Wings over Scotland is retiring in dispair
  3. Joe Biden is now allowing Americans to stop social distancing and remove masks. Deaths per million from covid in the USA are around 10 times than in the UK.
  4. The new leader of the DUP in Northern Ireland is Edwin Poots.  He does not believe in evolution and thinks the Earth is only six thousand years old.

So with the idiots, liars, double dealers and crooks democratically in charge I have given up on politics. I’ll stick with my hobbies and hopefully get back into performing.