Scooters in General

I am really enjoying the Address, so I was thinking of getting another more powerful scooter.

But I think my strive for simplicity debars most, or maybe all, of the offers open. I really don’t want water cooling, with the inevitable addition of a water pump, a thermostat, a radiator, water pipes, coolant, and the associated extra weight, maintenance and potential reliability problems.

It is more difficult for an air cooled engine to meet modern emission standards.  This is primarily due to maintaining the engine temperature while the cooling air temperature can vary over 50degrees just due to the weather. Also the warm up time is longer.

So currently all scooters greater than 125cc (and some smaller) are liquid cooled.

The Address seems as good as any other air cooled scooter, and better than most.
For example the Honda 125cc super cub has around the same power as the address, but no storage and no pillion seat. It does have manual gears and, on paper, better fuel consumption and bigger wheels.
The Vespa 125 Primavera is slightly more powerful, small wheels and much more expensive. It would give me only an extra 2mph on top speed. It is 15KG heavier, 1.4 inches higher seat height (that is a no-no) and considerably higher fuel consumption.
The Chinese scooters, like the AJS Modena are lower powered, and have much more frequent maintenance schedules.

I went for a look at a Vespa GTS 300.  It was a wonderful looking machine, but the seat was too high for me and therefore it felt heavier than it was.  It would have been just as hard as my BMW to manoeuvre. I’m not short. I’m 5ft 10in but I have short legs for my height with a 29in inside leg measurement.
The Vespa seat height is 790mm or 31.1″. The Address is 755mm or 29.7″ That extra 1.4″ is pretty critical. It determines how far you can move your legs backwards and forwards while still having enough leverage to move the bike.
The prop stand was just stupid! It doesn’t stay down! And the passenger footrests are in a ridiculous position.
It’s a shame but Vespas are now off my list.

Nowadays I only ride around Cornwall.  Cornwall has no motorways. Most of the A and B roads are twisty turny and 50mph is about the maximum safe speed possible. I usually, but not always, ride solo.
We have a motorhome, the Address would fit on it if I had a carrier fitted.  But we also have a puppy.  It will be about a year before we could leave her in the van while we went out for a few hours. Maybe I’ll fit a carrier for next summer (Covid permitting) Update – it won’t happen
The days of long distance touring on two wheels are past, but there are still days for pootling.
So I guess I’ll keep the Address until someone comes up with a nice low, light 200 or 300cc air cooled scooter. I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen.  
Mind you, Nathan Millward rode a postie bike (a Honda CT110) from Australia to London and it had less power than the Address.
Maybe new technologies in batteries, like the graphene aluminium-ion battery may make an electric scooter a viable proposition.  Even if I just do local rides I’d want a 150 mile range at least.

Update I bought a Honda SH300i.  It didn’t work out – too high, too heavy, awful for a small pillion passenger, no faster on Cornish roads than the Address. I should have listened to me!