The Honda SH300


I got the Address and I really like it.  It is very light, easily moved about, quick enough for most roads in Cornwall and, after fitting my Givi top box, can carry quite a high volume.

But it slows down on hills, especially two up.

I also have a 650cc BMW R65LS which I have had for a long time.  It doesn’t slow down on hills, but it’s quite heavy.

So I thought that maybe a more powerful scooter might not only bridge the gap, but ultimately replace both of them.

That was the plan.

I tried a Vespa GTS300.

It was a wonderful looking machine, but the seat was too high for me and therefore it felt heavier than it was.  It would have been just as hard as my BMW to paddle around the garage.
The prop stand was just stupid! It doesn’t stay down!
And the passenger footrests do not make it easy for the pillion passenger to get on, and a smaller pillion passenger could not reach them.  

Footrest extensions are available for the Vespa which move the footrest back – about 4 inches. That’s still not far enough.
It’s a shame but Vespas went off my list.

After quite a bit of online research I decided on a Honda SH300.  It was a bit lighter than other 300cc scooters and I prefer the step through styling.

One came up on line at a good trade price so I pushed the button and got it delivered.