NHS Shambles

Recorded Covid cases are the lowest since before the Omicron wave.  This was achieved by the heroic action of the government in stopping free lateral flow tests. It has had some annoying side effects though:- The death rate (283 per day) is now higher than it was at the peak of the omicron wave  Hospital … Read more

UK, Ukraine and Covid

The war in Ukraine is a disaster brought on by Putin, a psychopath, probably in the first stages of dementia.  Deaths up to 24th March  a total of 1,035 killed (214 men, 160 women, 14 girls, and 28 boys, as well as 48 children and 571 adults whose sex is yet unknown) In the last … Read more


A few questions and answers that illustrate our predicament Q. What is the current level of CO2 in the air? A. 415ppm and rising at around 20ppm per decade. Q. When was it last so high? A. 22 million years ago Q. Was it going up then? A. No it was coming down. Q. When was … Read more


This is a follow on from a post three years ago “Education education education” Not much has changed. This caught my eye. David Willets, a former Tory MP and a current Tory Lord says that we need to increase the number of places at University to avoid our children getting low paid jobs. Now, is … Read more


Gas prices are rocketing. A lot of our electricity is supplied by gas turbines so we will see electricity prices surging soon. At the same time we have lost some capability to import electricity from Europe due to a fire. Fuel has been short at the pumps, for which the government are blaming a lack … Read more

The Exam results

When I took my GCE “A” levels, a little over 50 years ago I got two B’s and a C. These were good marks. Only the top 1% of candidates got an A, and three or more A’s were very rare. Most Universities required C’s and D’s as entrance requirements with only a few went … Read more

The Housing Crisis

House prices are ridiculously high just now. In Cornwall the average house price in June 2021 is £330,000. The average salary is £26,000. Young people who have been born and raised in Cornwall cannot afford to buy a house. But in general, rents follow house prices, and thus the average rent now paid in Cornwall … Read more


I was born in the North East of England and lived there for 27 years.  I then lived in Scotland for the next 42 years. (I now live in Cornwall.) I love Scotland and the people and I am a staunch supporter of Scottish Independence. It pains me so much to see how Nicola Sturgeon … Read more

Education education education.

Tony Blair’s goal was to get 50% of the population into further education. This has been taken to mean 50% of the population will have a degree. Which is great for them, because that will put them in the top 10% of earners. Errrrr…… 50% of the population in the top 10% of earners is … Read more