Farewell SH300

The Honda SH300 tends to just sit in the garage while the Suzuki Address 110 is the goto machine. Why?

Well, it’s not the Honda, it’s me.
First, it is considerably more awkward to paddle backwards out of the garage due it’s weight and seat height.
Then on the Cornish roads where most cars travel at between 30mph and 60mph it has no advantage over the Suzuki. It does not have enough power to do a really fast overtake like the BMW.
On the really bad roads it is not as good as the Suzuki as it does not flip quickly to avoid the potholes.
On the faster roads, it is much faster than the Suzuki, being able to maintain 70mph up hill and down, even two up. So If I were doing long trips on Motorways it would work very well.  But I don’t do that anymore, and if I did the BMW would do it as well or better.
I have to fit blocks onto the passenger footrests to accommodate my wife. This is not a big problem, but when fitted it makes paddling the bike around even more awkward as I keep catching my calf muscles onto them (and they do not look pretty)

SO, the Honda is not getting used for tootling around Cornwall as the Suzuki is better suited for me.  And it will not get used for longer trips as I’ll probably use the BMW.

It has been good to experience the Honda, and I have some idea now of why riders are attracted to Maxi Scooters. It would have been wonderful in the days when I had a twenty mile commute to work along dual carriage ways. But now I don’t.

If it were two inches lower and maybe 20-30Kg lighter it would probably have been my ideal bike. Ah well!

So it will be up for sale soon.