Address – Running In

I followed the manufacturers instructions for running in the Himalayan and it was very tedious. Below is Suzuki’s recommended procedure for running in.

So basically 500 miles at 1/2 or less than another 500 miles at 3/4 throttle or less. On 113cc engine with 9bhp!! I have to take it easy with the tyres for 100 miles.

The Himalyan was bad doing 300 miles at under 40mph, but what speed does a 100cc bike do at half throttle? (about the same as a 50cc scooter flat out I suppose!!) Actually it’s not too bad. On the flat with no wind the Suzuki seems to manage about 60mph. Resistance goes up as the cube of the speed so at half power speed only drops by 20% to around 45 (faster than the Himalyan recommendations)
Going up hills is another matter. 4.7bhp will get me up a 10% gradient with no wind at 30mph. The full 9.4 would manage around 45mph.

Using the same formulae. the BMW would manage 83mph, the Himalayan 66mph and the Bullet 62mph. (this takes into account weight but not differences in drag factor which would make the bikes slower than the scooter)

So ride it like  a 50cc bike for 500 miles, then like my old LD (or an AJS Modena 125) for another 500, then I can go flat out. Some marks on the throttle would be a good idea.

Alternative running in procedures.
I think a lot of the manufacturers advice is based on avoiding warranty claims in the first year or so.  After that most warranties are invalidated by not being serviced at  extortionate cost by a dealer.

  • Some sites say “blast it in” or “ride it like you stole it”
  • Some sites say simply ignore the guidance and ride as normal.  I guess this depends on what is normal to the rider.
  • Some sites advise giving it some very short bursts of full throttle in the first 20 miles. This seems a good idea to me.
  • Not many sites deal with twist and go engines where the engine revs are not only unknown but beyond the riders control.
  • All sites recommend taking care over the first oil change. 

The dealer is around 12 miles away, but I can easily come back the long way round andf put 20 miles on the clock before I get her home.

The first oil change on the Suzuki is at 600 miles (or 2 months) , then every 2500 miles (or every year)
I will probably do an extra oil change after the first 100 miles. Recommended oil is:-
NOT energy conserving.

It looks like some Tesco oil 10w-40 part synthetic which I have should do the business. I’ll need to source an oil filter.

Update 16/8/2020
I now have the bike and I find that at half throttle it can go at around 40-45mph on the flat in still air. I actually managed 60mph down hill. I did give it a few short bursts of full throttle in the first 25 miles. 

The dealer has given me a sheet with different running in instructions.  Basically it says simply:-

“For the first 300 miles no full throttle or rapid acceleration.  ) for  half throttle for the first 300 miles.  (No dealer visit at 300 miles)”

The first service is at 600 miles, or six weeks. then every 2500 miles.

I am going to do an oil change at 100 miles or thereabouts, and get the first service done at 600 miles by the dealer to maintain the warranty.
After that I will do my own servicing. It looks quite easy. There are two excellent videos on youtube.