TV for the van

We don’t have a TV in the Van, and we don’t miss it.  When we are away we tend to be out and about or, if we are in for a while, we read quite a lot.  But it would be nice to occasionally watch something. I have recently bought another tablet, a Samsung Tab … Read more

A new preamp

This is about a preamp I made for personal use with the Home Made Busking Amp. but it will work happily with any amp or PA system. It works fine with our Behringer B208D for example. Requirements were:- Small size Battery Driven Low consumption Fuss free. Small Size It is all contained in a 2″ … Read more

Home Made Busking Amp

General I play in Tin Taxi, an acoustic duo We do some busking and also the occasional spot in various locations.  This is a description of the amp I made. We had been using a VOX DA5 for busking.  It wasn’t bad. It had a guitar input with tone control and lots of special effects which … Read more

Testing Lead Acid’s

I have four old lead acid batteries stored in the garage. All of these batteries have been retired for some time but I keep them in the garage and charge them up every 3-6 months. This is the technique I used to measure the capacity of these batteries:- Charge the battery fully on my Ctek … Read more

AA Battery testing

This is simply about how I tested a bunch of old AA rechargeables. As it is quite possible we may get some power cuts this winter I decided I may want to make use of some old batteries we have. It actually adds up to quite a bit of energy storage. Before retirement I was … Read more

Lights for power cuts

Power cuts are quite possible this winter. Whatever the cause, we will have to deal with it. We are not badly placed. Our gas heating won’t work as the pump is electric, but we have a multifuel burner in the living room which should keep the chill off. We have stocked up with fuel just … Read more


I changed to a MacBook. (19/6/21) I’ve had it for quite a few months now and the change has been mostly good, especially since I bought an iPhone 12 (18/8/21) and it links seamlessly with the MacBook. Some things are much better. The integration of the iPhone and the MacBook makes it very easy to … Read more

Managing photos on a Macbook

Storage I am very used to managing my photos on a Windows computer using my old Photoshop CS2. I’ve been using it for over 15 years.  I used to use actions in Photoshop to batch edit hundred of photos at a time when I did wedding and nursery shoots. But CS2 doesn’t work on my … Read more

Music on Apples

When I got the iphone I thought I’d try out Apple Music.  It seemed OK, and it’s free for three months. Then it’s £9.99 a month. (Let’s say £10. I will round up everything by 1p to show the sensible price.) That is £120 per year. Now I have quite a selection of CDs available … Read more