Changing to a Macbook

After years of Windows (from Windows 3.1 through to 10) I have finally bought a Macbook.

After marvelling at how fast it started up and the wonderful fingerprint sensor built into the on off switch I started to use it.

  • The Mouse
    The touchpad takes some getting used to, but I bought a Logitek pebble bluetooth mouse which works incredibly well.
  • Backups
    I installed Google Drive for backups. Drive and Sync keeps my files backed up on the Mac and two Windows Machines.
  • Browser
    I tried to install LastPass from the Mac App store into Safari but it would not work.  After googling I found that the version downloaded from the Lastpass website worked in Safari but LastPass would not shut down. This created a security issue in my mind. So I installed Firefox and the LastPass extension which works fine.
  • Photography
    I installed Adobe Bridge and the creative suite (all free).
    I’ve also installed Premiere Rush for videos as it was also free.
    My old CS2 version of photoshop would not install. So I have installed Gimp.
    There is no card reader.  I have usually uploaded photos and videos using a card reader but I can do it via a USB connector.
  • FTP
  • FileZilla installed problem free.
  • Spreadsheets
    Numbers will open my Excel files but I find it awkward to use just now.  It also saves them as .numbers files, or .xlsx files which my 2003 Excel on windows will not open. I tried Apache open office and Libre Office and the latter is far better for excel spreadsheets.  For consistency I now have Libre Office on my windows machines and the Macbook. Libre office seems to me to be streets ahead the Apple offerings for spreadsheets AND text editing.
  • Books
    Calibre installed with no issues.
    There is no USB socket so to connect my Nook, my phone, my action camera, or any of my memory sticks so I bought an adaptor (£7.99 from Amazon). 
  • Website design and maintenance
    This was the biggest pain.  For thousands of years I have been designing sites in html initially with Microsoft Frontpage and then with Microsoft Expression Web 4 (MEW4). But these won’t work on a Mac. There is nothing available for a mac that comes close to MEW4, which is free, other than possibly Dreamweaver which is very expensive.
    So I finally bit the bullet and set up a WordPress site.
    After installing some plugs-ins to speed it up and after spending an inordinate amount of time finding a suitable theme I and up and running on this very site.

The Mac is fast and the battery seems to last very well.

There is no headphone jack so that means either bluetooth headphones (expensive) or an adaptor (£7.99 from Amazon).

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