TV for the van

We don’t have a TV in the Van, and we don’t miss it.  When we are away we tend to be out and about or, if we are in for a while, we read quite a lot.  But it would be nice to occasionally watch something. I have recently bought another tablet, a Samsung Tab … Read more

Back up heaters

We were 100 miles into an 800 mile 4 day round trip, and we pulled into a service station. It was very cold so I went to turn on the Truma heater.  It wasn’t having it.  There was no spark for the ignition.  I tried changing the battery in the igniter, but to no avail.  … Read more

Camping clubs

We have been camping in our motorhome for a few years.  We have hardly ever stayed on sites, but the huge increase in motorhome numbers, and the animosity of the locals caused by inconsiderate owners is driving us to look at staying on recognized sites. There are two big clubs we could have joined.  Here … Read more

A good time to buy a Motorhome?

We have had our van for nine years now and it has been wonderful. We have not used it a lot since the start of the pandemic, but we are out and about in it as I write this.  We are seeing hundreds of motorhomes on the road. Many more than we used to see. … Read more

Parking a Motorhome

The UK in general and England in particular seem to have a problem with motorhomes. The general feeling is that we should all be on campsites. A typical campsite for a motorhome an two adults is around £30 a night in England. We do not need a hookup, or water, or showers, or a loo … Read more

Fitting a Scooter Rack

We have a scooter.  It’s a Suzuki Address 110 and weighs 100Kg so should be OK for fitting on a rack on the van. But first some calculations are needed to ensure the van is operated safely. The original Peugeot plate shows a GVM of 3300kg.  This seemed at odds with some other specs I … Read more


We use the gas for heating,  the fridge,  and water heating (for showers). We have two Calor gas bottles. Only one came with the van, a 6kg one. We found that we could just fit 13kg bottles into the van so we bought one. For some silly reason Calor will not allow you to swap … Read more


Our van’s water tank holds 70** litres. There is also a separate “cistern” tank for the loo. Some folk don’t like drinking water from the tank so they carry bottled water with them. We carry a few bottles of tap water in the fridge for use in an emergency (like an empty tank!) or when … Read more


I think we have been very lucky with our heating. We have a Truma Ultraheat which can work of gas or mains electric. We almost always use it on gas. There is a fan fitted to duct air into the cab or into the loo/shower but we find the convected air which comes out of … Read more