Parking a Motorhome

The UK in general and England in particular seem to have a problem with motorhomes. The general feeling is that we should all be on campsites. A typical campsite for a motorhome an two adults is around £30 a night in England. We do not need a hookup, or water, or showers, or a loo … Read more

Fitting a Scooter Rack

We have a scooter.  It’s a Suzuki Address 110 and weighs 100Kg so should be OK for fitting on a rack on the van. But first some calculations are needed to ensure the van is operated safely. The original Peugeot plate shows a GVM of 3300kg.  This seemed at odds with some other specs I … Read more


We use the gas for heating, lighting, the fridge and occassional water heating (for showers). We have two Calor gas bottles. Only one came with the van, a 6kg one. We found that we could just fit 13kg bottles into the van so we bought one. For some silly reason Calor will not allow you … Read more


Our van’s water tank holds 70** litres. There is also a separate “cistern” tank for the loo. Some folk don’t like drinking water from the tank so they carry bottled water with them. We carry a few bottles of tap water in the fridge for use in an emergency (like an empty tank!) or when … Read more


I think we have been very lucky with our heating. We have a Truma Ultraheat which can work of gas or mains electric. We only use it on gas. There is a fan fitted to duct air into the cab or into the loo/shower but we find the convected air which comes out of the … Read more