Music on Apples

When I got the iphone I thought I’d try out Apple Music.  It seemed OK, and it’s free for three months. Then it’s £9.99 a month. (Let’s say £10. I will round up everything by 1p to show the sensible price.) That is £120 per year.

Now I have quite a selection of CDs available already, and they are mostly what I listen to.  I am very unlikely to spend £120 on new albums in a year. But I would like to but the odd track or maybe album. Albums on itunes are normally £8 or 80p for tracks (regardless of the number of tracks on the album)  So if I buy less than 15 albums a year I am winning.  

You can buy from itunes, just not in the way that apple say.  Now this MAY only work if you do NOT  have an apple music subscription. I only found it after I had cancelled mine but maybe it was there before?

  • Browse for the tune or album in Apple Music
  • Click on the three dots and click “Show in iTunes store”
  • You can buy it there

As regards getting my existing albums on to the phone.  

  • On Music <File><import> then connect to where the music is stored. In my case it is drive D on a Windows 7 machine I can access over the home network.
  • Import the CD (s)
  • Go to <File><Library><Get Album Artwork>.  Apple provides the artwork for most CDs.
  • Connect the phone to the MacBook via a lightning connector
  • Open up Finder, and click on iphone. Click on <Music> sync entire album, or whatever you want, click <sync>
  • Done

Next thing to try is recording music using Apple’s Garageband.  I’ve used Audacity before, so I’ll see how it compares.