Address – Servicing


Mech it better have some really good videos on the suzuki address and other bikes.  Here are some below which I have embedded to make them easier to find for the future.

Oil Change


Changing the rear brake shoes

Front brake pads

Sidelight bulbs

Headlight Bulb

Brake Lever

Brake light

Front Panel

Heated Grips

Phone Mount



15 August 20200Purchased
16 August 202045Fitted top box bracket
17 August 2020105Engine Oil and Filter change Filled up tank.
20 August
150Fitted alarm, and charger socket.
Battery retaining bracket  a pig to refit as the central fixed nut is not welded centrally. 3/10 for quality
24 August  2020206Filled up Tregonnigs:- 126 mpg.
Half a tank is used at the half full mark
70 miles down, 70 to go.
45 miles left as needle enters the first
2 September 2020305Changed headlight from 35/35W to 55/60W. Screw under headlight a brute to remove as grossly over tightened for a cross head screw. 3/10 for quality.
Screwdriver supplied with the kit broke during the operation. 2.10 for quality,
Fitted a clock using double sided tape on the RH handlebar cover.
Reached 65mph on the clock on a very brief slightly downhill run on full throttle.
4 September
306Filled up:- 122 mpg.
9  September
375Fitted phone holder with USB supply.
 406Filled up Tesco:- 122 mpg
20 September
502Filled up Tesco:- 3.46l 127 mpg
10 October
550Not ridden much due to aquiring new puppy!
Fitted Handlebar Muffs previously fitted on the BMW, Bullet, and Himalayan. Need to book in dealer 600 mile service.
6th April

Oops.  Over the Covid and Christmas I had brain fade and, in my ancient befuddled mind, the 1000Km service became a 1000 mile service. And even that had to wait for a convenient time.  I decided to do it myself to familiarise myself with the procedure.

Changing the oil and filter was quite easy, the old oil was only slightly darker than when it went in and the old filter looked much cleaner than on mech it better’s video. (servicing your scooter above).But I changed it anyway. I bought 4 Hiflo Filtro HF973s  on ebay for £6.91 and filled up with Tesco part synthetic 10:40 motor oil.  The manual says 700cc.  Mech it better say just under 875.  It depends on where you want the level to be.  700cc is half way between min an max.  870cc takes it to the max.

The tappets were a pain, especially the exhaust one.  Clearance are .04-.08mm inlet, and 1.02-1.06mm exhaust.  Both were tight.  I set the inlet to I 0.06mm. and the exhaust to 0.15mm. The latter was simply because it was easier (not easy, just not as hard) to fit in a single 0.15mm feeler gauge rather than 0.08 and o.06 together.  The rocker cover’s gasket seems to be fixed at one point to the cylinder head, although it fits into a groove in the cover.  This is a really stupid idea, and makes putting the cover on at least 10 time more difficult than it should be.
It is also really awkward to see the indicators for setting the engine to TDC.

The manual also suggests checking exhaust bolts door tightness – they were fine.  So was the brake fluid level

I am glad I did it.  It is such a fiddly job to check and adjust the tappets I suspect a garage may not have done it. (It takes 10-15 minutes on the BMW). It would have been a lot easier if the bike was on a bench. The next service should be 2500 miles, but this one is late, so I’ll probably do it at 3000 miles.