Address – Servicing


Mech it better have some really good videos on the Suzuki address and other bikes.  Here are some below which I have embedded to make them easier to find for the future.

Oil Change


Changing the rear brake shoes

Front brake pads

Sidelight bulbs

Headlight Bulb

Brake Lever

Brake light

Front Panel

Heated Grips

Phone Mount

Rear Indicator Bulbs


15 August 20200Purchased
16 August 202045Fitted top box bracket
17 August 2020105Engine Oil and Filter change Filled up tank.
20 August
150Fitted alarm, and charger socket.
Battery retaining bracket  a pig to refit as the central fixed nut is not welded centrally. 3/10 for quality
24 August  2020206Filled up Tregonnigs:- 126 mpg.
Half a tank is used at the half full mark
70 miles down, 70 to go.
45 miles left as needle enters the first
2 September 2020305Changed headlight from 35/35W to 55/60W. Screw under headlight a brute to remove as grossly over tightened for a cross head screw. 3/10 for quality.
Screwdriver supplied with the kit broke during the operation. 2/10 for quality,
Fitted a clock using double sided tape on the RH handlebar cover.
Reached 65mph on the clock on a very brief slightly downhill run on full throttle.
4 September
306Filled up:- 122 mpg.
9  September
375Fitted phone holder with USB supply.
 406Filled up Tesco:- 122 mpg
20 September
502Filled up Tesco:- 3.46l 127 mpg
10 October
550Not ridden much due to acquiring new puppy!
Fitted Handlebar Muffs previously fitted on the BMW, Bullet, and Himalayan. Need to book in dealer 600 mile service.
6th April

Oops.  Over the Covid and Christmas I had brain fade and, in my ancient befuddled mind, the 1000Km service became a 1000 mile service. And even that had to wait for a convenient time.  I decided to do it myself to familiarise myself with the procedure.

Changing the oil and filter was quite easy, the old oil was only slightly darker than when it went in and the old filter looked much cleaner than on mech it better’s video. (servicing your scooter above).But I changed it anyway. I bought 4 Hiflo Filtro HF973s  on eBay for £6.91 and filled up with Tesco part synthetic 10:40 motor oil.  The manual says 700cc.  Mech it better say just under 875.  It depends on where you want the level to be.  700cc is half way between min and max.  870cc takes it to the max.

The tappets were a pain, especially the exhaust one.  Clearance are .04-.08mm inlet, and 0.12-0.16mm exhaust.  Both were tight.  I set the inlet to 0.06mm. and the exhaust to 0.15mm. The latter was simply because it was easier (not easy, just not as hard) to fit in a single 0.15mm feeler gauge rather than 0.08 and o.06 together.  The rocker cover’s gasket seems to be fixed at one point to the cylinder head, although it fits into a groove in the cover.  This is a really stupid idea, and makes putting the cover on at least 10 time more difficult than it should be.
It is also really awkward to see the indicators for setting the engine to TDC.

The manual also suggests checking exhaust bolts for tightness – they were fine.  So was the brake fluid level.

I am glad I did it.  It is such a fiddly job to check and adjust the tappets I suspect a garage may not have done it. (It takes 10-15 minutes on the BMW). It would have been a lot easier if the bike was on a bench. The next service should be 2500 miles, but this one is late, so I could do it at 3000 miles, but I’ll go for 2500 and get in sync.

 12th July 20221477We went for 100 mile trip and I measured the fuel consumption.  I got 105mpg.  That was two up, mainly on A roads, with full throttle up the hills.  The tank showed empty but it only took 4.42 litres. It holds 5.2 litres so there must have been 0.8 litres left – enough for around another 20 miles.
22nd July 20221500I went for short ride to check out the odometer and the speedo.  The odometer recorded 7.8 miles, and the GPS recorded 7.55 miles indicating that the odometer records around 3% high.  So the mileage recorded on the 12th July was really around 101miles per UK gallon (or around 85miles per US gallon). 

The speedo read 50mph while the GPS said 47mph, so the speedo is around 6% high. I can usually reach 60mph on the clock or 56-57mph real on the flat, but I tend to keep it to around 55 on the clock to avoid over revving.  As an experiment I have had it up to over 70mph on the clock on slight downhill roads.

13th June 20232085Latest mpg 115(UK) 0r 95(US)
15th August
2175Latest mpg 107.4(UK) 89.4(US)
13th – 22nd August 2023 New rear tyre fitted

I found I had slow puncture in the rear tyre. The tyre was almost flat after a drive home on 13th.  I blew it up but found it was losing about a psi per day. I could not find it and doubted my ability to fix it anyway so I contacted a garage to take it in. 
But first I needed to take the wheel off. I checked up on Mech it Better (See changing the rear brake shoes video above) and it seemed a simple job. Yes, there are two nuts and two bolts to remove to get the exhaust off, but John didn’t mention the two plastic grips holding the the lambda sensor wire out of the way of the hot exhaust.  Nor did he mention how to release the lambda sensor cable connector. All of these items are really difficult to reach. Sorting them doubled the time to get the exhaust off.
So for reference:-

The bottom plastic clip (it’s like a tie-wrap on a plug) is best dealt with by prising it out of it’s hole in the plastic and leaving it on the cable (the picture shows it off the cable)

The top clip can be lifted open with a long screw drive and the cable removed from the side.

The electrical connector disengages by pushing in a tab at the bottom and pulling quite firmly.

For all of these tasks, three hands about the size of an otter’s or squirrel’s would be an advantage, but once you know, it’s not too hard

As expected, when the garage found the puncture it was outside of the repairable area, so I ordered a new tyre for HiQ in Bodmin.  I went for a 100/90 Michelin Citygrip 2 costing £88.  It is 3% bigger in circumference than the original, so the speedo which was reading 6% high will now be only 3% high, and the odometer which was 3% optimistic should now be spot on.

Then, on the same day I was to collect the wheel and tyre, a “last chance” letter arrived saying my road tax was out of date.  Tax on line? No!! Now it needs a bloody MOT.  Wheel back on on Monday; knowing how the plastic clips work made it quite simple to re-assemble. MOT’d and taxed on Tuesday. 

The odometer now is 1.8% optimistic and the speedo 4-5% optimistic.

I keep looking at other scooters, but they are all too heavy, too big, or the seat is too high or too wide, or the passenger needs 40″ inside leg and extra knee joints (that’s Vespas for you!).  There are no motorways and precious few dual carriageways in Cornwall.  So usually the speed limit is 60mph, and the safe speed is much lower (especially on single track roads with passing places and grass growing down the middle). Nothing suits the local roads and me like the Address!

1st September
2275Latest mpg 113(UK) 0r 94(US)
9th October 20232362Latest mpg 112(UK) or 94(US). The best I’ve had is 126 miles and the worst is 107.  It depends on how much two-up riding I do. The new rear tyre will have small effect – around 1% on the measured readings.
One more fill up, then 2500 mile service. The Handlebar muffs will be back on soon too.
20th October 20232441Mpg 107 UK, 89 US.  Mostly 2 up riding.  Handlebar Muffs now fitted.
13th December 20232523Mpg 120 UK, 100 US. Mostly solo, Time for a service.
29th Jan 20242577Changed Brake fluid.  Quite an easy job and the old fluid was still quite a light colour. 
30th Jan 20242579Engine oil change, and although it’s not part of the schedule, I did the filter at the same time.
Oil was quite a bit darker than last time, but last one was only 600 miles. 870cc is what it takes.
I did, soon after getting the bike, remove the front brake calliper pin, grease it, and refitted it.
I did it again – it came out easily.
24th Mar 20242602Mpg 95 UK, 79 US.  I had groceries under the seat and as I was worried about getting petrol on them I don’t think I filled the tank to the brim.
Temperature around 10C or 50F.  Handlebar muffs still on.
Very wet February and March so far so little riding.
Thinking about swapping for a new PCX 125.
26th April 20242670MPG 99UK, 82US. Only 70 miles, but mostly two up 
It would not start at one point. Battery was 3.5 years old so I replaced it with a Motobat from Tayna Batteries before it became a regular occurence.
Temperature around 12C, I have taken handlebar muffs off until next winter.
Still raining most days. so still little riding.
Tried sitting on a PX 125.  The body is too wide for comfort for a pillion passenger.