The NHS War Zone

Is “War Zone” a strong word here?

  • Vladamir Putin and the Russian government are waging war on Ukraine, and civilian deaths are currently running at 188 per month (December 2022)
  • Jeremy Hunt and the UK government are waging war on the NHS and civilian deaths are estimated to be running at around 2000 per month.

Ukraine is generally accepted as a war zone, so, with civilian casualties over ten time higher in England, than in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, I think the term is justified.

Back in 2016 I wrote an article about Jeremy Hunt.  His hatred of the NHS as illustrated by his starving it of funds, is consistent.  Back then he was minister for health, but now he has Steve Barclay to do the dirty work and continue the move to private health care. 

The route chosen is to take advantage of the increased workload mainly due to the pandemic and loss of staff due to Brexit and to drive the staff to despair and inevitable resignations.  Steve Barclay, to his credit, is pushing back a little, so I guess we may be looking at a new minister for health soon.

Nothing will stop the tories continuing to bludgeon the health service. They want it dead so the much more lucrative (to them) private health care is all that is available.  It’s already well under way.  Try getting:-

  • An NHS dentist
  • Your ears syringed
  • A face to face doctors appointment
  • An ambulance if you have an accident
  • An operation for your hip or knee in under a year

The flogging will continue at a ramped up pace until, hopefully, they are booted out in 2025;  but will the next government do any better?