I was an Electronic Engineer for most of my working life.  For the last ten years, however, I was a self-employed professional photographer with my own studio.

I am retired now, but follow my hobbies, some of which are on this and my other site.

I also follow the mess that the UK government are making of the Covid pandemic I must admit this is partly for self-preservation.

The name 2045 came about as a result in my interest in climate change.  Based on current predictions, CO2 levels in the atmosphere will reach 500ppm by 2045 and around then we will reach a tipping point and the climate will flip from one stable state to a different one and global temperature will rise quickly by over 5 degrees.

I believe we have passed the point where this can be stopped. Forests which have been lost due to logging or abnormal forest fires would  take many decades to recapture the carbon lost, but abnormal forest fires are occurring continually due to climate change to date. The Amazon rainforest is now emitting more C02 than it absorbs.

Polar icecaps continue to melt and less heat is reflected into space. Soon the permafrost regions of world will give up their methane which is a more effective greenhouse gas. And, of course, humanity continues to release carbon which has been captured in the earth for millions of years. We simply cannot and will not switch off power and transport overnight.

I originally intended to write about what we could do to stop this happening, but now I believe it’s too late and nothing can be done.  It will just happen, and be unimaginably catastrophic.

“Enjoy life while you can. Because if you’re lucky it’s going to be 20 years before it hits the fan.”

James Lovelock 2008

A lot of people think that a few extra metres of sea water rise and a warmer climate is nothing to worry about.  But more energy in the atmosphere means bigger and more frequent storms and hurricanes.  A storm surge at the height of a spring tide on top af a raised sea level will be catastrophic for coastal cities (or coastal power stations).  Regular 200mph hurricanes will make some areas, like Florida,  uninhabitable. We can expect wars, famine and billions of migrants.

At the COP 26 meeting, our Prime minister, asleep, unmasked, sits beside 95 year old national hero David Attenborough while Covid 19 cases in the UK are at record figures.

There is the COP 26 meeting with Boris hosting it. He may or may not believe there is a climate crisis – he certainly didn’t when there was still time to do something about. But it’s a popular topic just now and appearing to care will probably keep him in office.  

Greta Thunberg is absolutely right in that we need to act NOW (and even that is probably too late) but setting targets for 10 years in the future is of little use.  

Oh well, not to worry.   If I am still around I’ll be 97 and probably not bothered about much, but I feel very sorry for my children.

What is really needed now is a focus on how we deal with it.  How to protect coastal cities from flooding, How to deal with regular huge first fires, How and where to evacuate whole countries which will be under water.  But the world leaders won’t do that.




Government strategy

This was the government’s strategy to deal with the Covid Pandemic.  The disaster was minimised and UK deaths kept to under 150,000, so far, (and world deaths to around 5 million)  by the incredible achievements of the scientists and engineers producing vaccines in record times.  Dealing with climate change is a much bigger task.

OR maybe the name 2045.co.uk  came because I set up the site at quarter to nine in the evening and 20:45.co.uk isn’t allowed.

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