I was an Electronic Engineer for most of my working life.  For the last ten years however I was a self employed professional photographer with my own studio.

I am retired now but follow my hobbies, some of which are on this and my other sites.

I also follow the mess that the UK government are making of the covid pandemic I must admit this is partly for self preservation.

The name 2045 came about as a result in my interest im climate change.  I believe that around the middle of this century we will reach a tipping point and the climate will flip to another stable state.  I originally intended to write about what we could do to stop this happening, but now I believe nothing can be done.  It will just happen, and be unimaginably catastophic.

Oh well, never mind eh!  

Or maybe the name came because I set up the site at quarter to nine.

If you want to contact me for any reason please use the form below, or if it concerns a particular post just use the comments section