SH300 second ride

Due to a combination of lockdown travel restrictions, wind, rain, cold, and personal circumstances, today was the first time I have managed a decent ride (around 80 miles).

First the good points.

  • It is very nippy and it seems that it will easily cruise at 75mph
  • The brakes are very responsive
  • It handles very well
  • It is a handsome machine

Now the not so good points 

  • The seat is very high – for me at least.  I am 5ft 10 but my inseam is only 29″ and I can’t flat foot on both sides at the same time.
  • The ride is quite hard compared to the Suzuki
  • It’s not easy to read the instruments in bright sun. Mainly what I see is a reflection of a white helmet – mine. It is a pain not being able to read the speedo on a scooter as you can’t judge any change in speed by a change in engine note.
  • There is not much storage space such as a glove compartment. There is a little box at the front which does not lock and is too small for even a small mobile phone.  On mine it houses the control for the heated grips. It cannot easily be opened with a gloved hand or when riding so I have to pull over to control the heated grips.
  • The top box will only take one helmet – although I can just fit my full face helmet under the seat.

It was a nice fine day, although cold 10C (50F). The heated grips (on max) kept my hands warm enough.  The screen deflects the wind up to my helmet which I did not find a problem. But the wind caught the hood of my coat. Fortunately it is detachable and I stopped and detached it. No problems thereafter

I really cannot judge the scooter without comparing it to my other two bikes – a Suzuki Address 110, and a BMW R65LS. It sits right in the middle – and that is the problem.
I enjoy the experience of riding the BMW more than the Honda.  When I am riding the Address I am not really conscious of riding at all!  I am simply enjoying the landscape. I feel part of the landscape.

I don’t think the SH300 will be a keeper – still I’ll put a few more miles on it before a final decision.