SH300 first impressions

It is cold and icy just now, so these impressions are with the scooter in the garage.

The Honda top box looks good but will only hold one helmet – but my full face helmet does fit under the seat.  I may still replace the Honda box with my old Givi box.

I miscalculated the height of the footrests. They need to be about 4inches higher to suit Linda. A modification using wood blocks and ratchet straps is in hand.  It won’t look nice, but they’ll be quickly fitted and removed.

There is no USB socket. So I could not power a phone as a sat nav on the handlebars. I’ll need to sort something out there.  The phone mount on the Address has a USB in it so I may get one of them. OR wire a usb in via the ignition.  Hopefully I can pick it off the hand grip heater if both + and – go there.  I’ll put the mount on the left.

There is a power outlet under the seat which looks like a car cigar outlet but is rated at only 1 Amp. This is pretty useless.  I need about 15 Amps to power my electric pump, and I need to be able to charge the battery at 5 Amps.  I will need to do as I did on the Address, and the BMW and add a proper power inlet/outlet. The battery seems to be under the floor so I’m not sure where I bring the socket out.

The hand grip heater control is in the front storage compartment – not easy to get to when riding.

The service interval is 8,000 miles but it has been done by the dealer. The belt change is at 16,000 miles.  I thought it was 12,500 miles. It has 11,000 miles on the clock so I was expecting to have to do a belt change later in the year – but I’ve got 5,000 miles to go. This is good.

I fitted a charger socket. It connects across the battery (which is under the floor) and comes out through hole hehind the prop stand. It can be used to either charge the battery or power an inflator.