Camping clubs

We have been camping in our motorhome for a few years.  We have hardly ever stayed on sites, but the huge increase in motorhome numbers, and the animosity of the locals caused by inconsiderate owners is driving us to look at staying on recognized sites.

There are two big clubs we could have joined.  Here is my attempt to check them out

The Camping and Caravanning club

Trust Pilot review   Not very good. 70% of 134 reviews rate it BAD.

Prices – hard to tell. It’s £42 for one but probably only a few pounds more for two. I am not giving out my address telephone number and email just to find out the price,

The Caravan and Motorhome club

(formerly the Caravan club)

Trust Pilot Review   Not bad. 80% of 4178 review rate it GREAT or EXCELLENT.

Prices £54 per year for two people

SO it looks like the Caravan and Motorhome club is a no brainer.  We joined on August 11th 2020

First problems was that the documentation could not be downloaded so we had to wait until August 18 before we had the documentation.  We did try to book on a few certificated locations but there is no on-line booking system for them so we had to phone.  Non answered straight away.  Those that returned calls were all booked up, mostly for weeks or months ahead.

I guess we were wildly optimistic thinking we could book a site for the weekend on the Wednesday and Thursday of the same week in the peak of the Tourist season.  Staying on sites definitely takes away the spontaneity we have when wild camping.

We finally did get on our first CL in May 2022.  We were completely out of water, so we fell back on a CL.  Most were booked up but we found a one in North Lancashire. The Handbook said prices from £13 which I thought was expensive given they had no toilets or showers.  We were charged £20!  All we used was the water and waste disposal.  We did not use a hook up. We effectively paid £20 for 50 litres of water.