Himalayan – Sold

Year2020 (2020 plate)
Mileage575 miles
LocationWadebridge, Cornwall

I bought the Himalayan new, in March 2020 for I wanted a reliable all rounder that I would ultimately become my only bike.  I had the first service done at North Cornwall Motorcycles after the initial 300 mile run in period (carried our very carefully) and stamped in owners manual.

 It has not long finished the first stage of running in (300miles) which I took very carefully and has had the first service.


Unfortunately for the Himalayan it had to compete with my motorcycling love of my life, a 1986 650 BMW which I have had for almost 30 years.
Heart triumphed over brain and I am keeping the old BMW and selling the new Himalayan.

I have added a mount and a USB supply to power my phone (not included)




I have also strengthened the rear rack which is known to be a weak spot.


The only other modification is the relocation of the temperature sensor from behind the engine to the front of the bike so that it tells you the air temperature.  It could be put back, but I can’t imagine why.

The first stage of running in means keeping speed to under 40mph.  This is quite tedious, but it’s already done  (and very carefully). It is now in the second stage where speed is to 50mph for most of the time.

The Himalayan was sold privately, then my next purchase was the Suzuki Address 110