Bullet – Points waterproofing

I finally got around to washing it. On with the degreaser, hose it down, next day it would not start!

After checking the spark plug was dry I took of the points cover.  About a half a teaspoonful of water ran out.  In with the hair drier for 5 minutes, then she started first kick.

Now I didn’t want this rigmarole every time I use the hose.  The lead comes out of the points cover at the side. So if water gets in here it goes straight onto the points and can’t get out as there is no drain hole at the bottom.

So I cut another drain hole in the bottom and made it big enough to use as the cable (well a single wire actually) entry.  I was going to araldite up the other hole but I decided to make a seal from an old inner tube and I made it wide enough to cover the old hole.

The points cover with the new bottom entry cable hole and the inner tube seal
The points cover in situ with the seal pulled back over the housing.


Now hopefully she can get a wash and run without further ado.