The Liz Truss Plan

In a nutshell:-

We have to keep we rich getting richer at the rate to which we have become accustomed.  So that means that distractions like climate change, levelling up, and reducing inequality will have to take a back seat.  
I, and probably my party, will be booted out at the next election, so we will milk the public for as much as we can for the next two years while creating the biggest mess we can for the next government.

Liz Truss (the benevolent??) has frozen the price cap to £2500 (or more than twice what it was in January). But Liz Truss (the neo-liberal ) has decided that this will be paid for by a loan. Now, who loans the money?
We do of course.   And we will have to pay it back via taxation over the coming (God know how many) years.  Not the rich of course. They are getting tax cuts.

The Energy companies are keeping their astronomical profits as Liz Truss refuses to consider a windfall tax.  We will pay the price by the aforementioned taxation, and by being forced to use private medical insurance (all owned by Tories and Tory party donors) as the Tory government continue to starve the NHS of funds until they declare it is not fit for purpose and abandon it altogether.

Meanwhile she is lifting the cap on bankers bonuses. and allowing the energy companies to reopen fossil fuel sources such as offshore oil and fracking.

This winter there are currently the real threats of

  • a general strike
  • power cuts
  • civil disobedience
  • a further peak in Covid cases.

In addition climate change will almost certainly bring more severe storms and floods.  And, globally, Putin is threatening nuclear war.

Perhaps the Liz Truss plan is more simply put as:-

“Grab as much as we can before it hits the fan”

It’s a shame we don’t have an opposition in this country.  The Tories are falling behind in the public opinion now due to the greed and corruption.  Labour is only doing well, because they are a better choice than the Tories.  Keir Starmer despite being useless and ineffectual, and being slightly to the right of the Tories of forty years ago is still a better choice than any of the current batch of Tories. He’ll get my vote.

But hey ho,