Bullet – Sold

Mileage7500 miles
Gears5 – gear lever on the left
StartElectric or Kickstart
LocationNorth Cornwall U.K.



My Bullet is for sale due to needing the space in the garage.  It has performed with no issues since I bought it from the previous owner in 2018.  You can read the articles in the list on the right to see its history with me.

The new owner will get a bike which has been reliable for me, almost always starts first kick or prod of the started button,  and has:

  • New Heidenau tyres and tubes
  • New handlebars
  • New Front crash bars
  • A new luggage rack
  • Points saver electronic ignition,
  • All lights except headlight and rear light converted to LEDs
  • A new speedo
  • A new silencer.
  • A new sterring lock
  • A new Motobat battery
  • A phone mount and USB charger
  • A new Heel/Toe gear change
  • A new folding kickstart.
  • New mirrors
  • A clock
  • MOT till April
  • Spare carb and various other parts.

I will miss it, (or her – the previous owner called her Rosy!) but I can’t really justify two bikes and the garage is just too cramped. I hope she goes to a good home.

If you read the pages on the right you will read that I fitted a top box and an alarm.  I have removed them as I will almost certainly use them on another bike in the future.
I have also transferred the heated grips to my BMW. Also the thermometer shown as a handlebar fitting managed to get itself broken.

The original speedo was calibrated in Kilometers.  I have all of the previous MOTs and the MOT testers sometimes noted this and sometimes didn’t.  The KPH speedo didn’t bother me except that it waved about all over the place. I replaced it with a new mph on so the mileage looks incredibly low, but it’s really about 7500 miles, or 12000km.


I have some spares, some from the previous owner, and some I have taken off my self including two silencers, cross braced handlebars, the original catch can, a spare carb, and lots of odds and ends.  All are included.

I took a run up to North Cornwall Motorcycles and took a test ride on a Himalayan.  I was very impressed. Then they offered me a realistic trade in price for the Bullet which I accepted and left a deposit on a new Himalayan (see left)

The Bullet did not miss a beat on the sixty five mile round trip. I will really be sorry to see it go.


And for completeness

Here it is waiting for a new owner in North Cornwall Motorcycles.