Oven problem

We have a an oven with a problem.

It is a Leisure Rangemaster Gourmet.
It has two ovens, the lower left works fine but the upper right does not heat up.

The oven lights but the flame stays at a low level.

The problem could be in the thermostat or a safety device called the Flame Failure Device. The oven, in prestige condition is quite old and parts are expensive and not easy to obtain so I want to narrow the fault down.

The Leisure website is not much help. It doesn’t even tell me the correct place for the model ID Plate.

ID plate is a actually on the right hand front upright at the bottom and can be seen when the drawer is removed.

Now what is the model number???  It appears to be 5439.  The useless Leisure website does not even recognise the number in it’s search facility.

The Rangemaster website does have some spares though – but not the FFD and the Thermostat is listed as not available. I did manage to find this diagram of the plumbing.

Cooker Spare Parts lists the cooker on its website. It lists a FFD but the model number does not appear on its list of compatible ovens.  Partmaster has nothing either


Left is the thermostat, Stock No: 1653057OH from the rangemaster site but it is no longer available but Cooker spare parts has the thermostat

The FFD can be got from ebay and Amazon

While I am in there I may as well replace the door seals -also from Amazon

So total cost is £117.97.  But a new equivalent cooker is £2000-£2500.  It’s worth a punt.

FFD Ordered – delivery next week. 

Update.  It all worked.