Bullet – Toolkit

The bullet seems to have a mixture of Metric and imperial nuts and bolts.  I am starting this list to come up with the tools I should by carrying on the Bike.

The toolkit, according to the manual comprises:-

  • Screw Driver (no size or type given)
  • Tommy Bar (Big)
  • Tubular Spanner (no size given – sparkplug +??)
  • Double end open spanners
    10mm to 13mm – 2off
    14mm to 15mm – 1off
    22mm to 24mm – 1off
  • Allen Key
    3mm 1 off
    5mm 1 off
  • Tyre Levers – 2off

No imperial spanners are mentioned

Not far into the job, I have had both wheels off to change the tyres and properly adjust the brakes.  I needed a large assortment of metric and imperial spanners.  I simply can’t carry them all!  Some nuts are obviously 1/2″ (that’s 12.27mm) but some are 12mm and some are 13mm! Obviously standardisation of required spanner sizes is low down on RE’s priority list.
A centre punch is proving to be useful for leaving marks to re-assemble. For example I am sure the bits at the bottom of the fork leg which hold the wheel on are supposed to be identical, but each has been machined to fit the fork leg.  They look the same, but subtle differences mean they are not interchangeable. The wheel alignment is set up with a peculiar cam arrangement on the rear wheel. There are were no  markings on them so after taking them off it was out with the string to do a wheel alignment job. There ARE marks on now. 

My on-bike toolkit will comprise:-

  • some spanners of which I have duplicates,
  • some good quality shifting spanners,
  • a mole wrench,
  • a flat head and philips screwdriver
  • 3mm and 5mm Allen,
  • a spark plug spanner.
  • a couple of tyre levers
  • a roll of insulating tape
  • a pair of point nosed pliers
  • a spare spark plug
  • A tool roll to keep them in
  • and I always carry a swiss army knife in my pocket.

I guess I’ll also carry a spare inner tube and a pump and the old front brake and clutch cable in the top box. Pete Snidal recommends a throttle cable as a minimum.  You can drive (very carefully) without the others but without a throttle cable you are goosed!
But I remember losing a throttle cable on my old Triumph T110 and getting home slowly by increasing the tickover to maximum.  I guess it depends on how steep the hills are.