Videos – Youtube

YouTube This is the almost universal way of showing videos on line so I decided to go with it. Uploading The videos will need to be loaded up to Youtube. I measured the broadband speeds. Broadband speeds with O2 hotspot. Broadband speeds with home internet To my surprise, using my phone gave an upload speed … Read more

Videos – Hard and Software

Hardware According to many websites I need a PC with a 8 core processor.  Which means a PC made in the last 3 years.  It makes one wonder how they edited videos 10 or 20 years ago.  Of course it is bullshit.  My 10 year old Samsung RV511 with an i3 processor running windows 7 … Read more

Action Video

The Camera So I bought an action camera – a Dragon Touch Vista 5. This was with the idea of taking videos of our dog Meg, and also on my scooter. It was a lot smaller than I imagined. It came with two batteries, but no memory card. So I had to buy a 64Gb … Read more


I was an electronic engineer for most of my working life.  During all of that time I used the word “data” lots of times, every day. It was never a plural word as it seems to be used now. Neither was it a singular word.  It was used in a similar way to “water” or … Read more


Support for Windows 7 has stopped.  Before it did I installed all updates, but it appears that the system, even after all this time has security risks. (Basically it is too complicated). I use the laptop for banking and I am worried that, if I get robbed, the bank will blame me for running an … Read more

Oven problem

We have a an oven with a problem. It is a Leisure Rangemaster Gourmet. It has two ovens, the lower left works fine but the upper right does not heat up. The oven lights but the flame stays at a low level. The problem could be in the thermostat or a safety device called the … Read more

Busking Amplifier

General I play in Tin Taxi, an acoustic duo, We have been using a VOX DA5 for busking.  It’s not bad. The sound is good, but it’s not really ideal for an acoustic duo.  There is a guitar input with tone control and lots of special effects which we don’t use , a single mic … Read more

Heated Grips

Many years ago I had heated grips on my BMW.  They were very cosy. At the time money was very tight and commercial grips were out of the question. I put a 22Watt torpedo bulb inside each side of the handlebars, connected them to a switch wired through the ignition and Bob’s your uncle. It … Read more

Microphone Phase switcher

Why a phase switcher? We busk with two mics.  We are typically 3 feet apart and the mics are around 1 foot in front of each of us. We use only on busking amp with a single speaker. Feedback occurs when the sound from the speaker reaches the mics in sufficient volume to be recycled … Read more

Motorcycle ignition timing

Note – this is about my iron barrel Royal Enfield Bullet – or any engine with contact breaker ignition. Bikes without points (like my BMW which has a Hall sensor for the ignition timing) usually do not need attention as there is nothing to wear over time.  When such vehicles do need the ignition timing … Read more