Honda SH300i for Sale

Model:- Honda SH300i Year:- 2018, Mileage:- 11211 miles Engine:- 300cc (A2 licence required) Extras:- Puig Windshield, Honda top box, Honda heated grips. MOT’d Till:- Jan 2022 Price £2500 I bought the SH300i in March 2021 for I wanted a reliable scooter that I would ultimately become my only bike. But that would mean selling my … Read more

Action Video

The Camera So I bought an action camera – a Dragon Touch Vista 5. This was with the idea of taking videos of our dog Meg, and also on my scooter. It was a lot smaller than I imagined. It came with two batteries, but no memory card. So I had to buy a 64Gb … Read more

Farewell SH300

The Honda SH300 tends to just sit in the garage while the Suzuki Address 110 is the goto machine. Why? Well, it’s not the Honda, it’s me. First, it is considerably more awkward to paddle backwards out of the garage due it’s weight and seat height. Then on the Cornish roads where most cars travel … Read more

SH300 second ride

Due to a combination of lockdown travel restrictions, wind, rain, cold, and personal circumstances, today was the first time I have managed a decent ride (around 80 miles). First the good points. It is very nippy and it seems that it will easily cruise at 75mph The brakes are very responsive It handles very well … Read more

SH300 first ride

Due to weather and personal circumstances I have been unable to get the scooter out till today.  Today was not the ideal day for a first ride.  It was drizzling and the temperature was round 12 degrees. It was not really too difficult to paddle out of the garage.  I moved right forward so I … Read more

SH300 first impressions

It is cold and icy just now, so these impressions are with the scooter in the garage. The Honda top box looks good but will only hold one helmet – but my full face helmet does fit under the seat.  I may still replace the Honda box with my old Givi box. I miscalculated the … Read more

The Honda SH300

History I got the Address and I really like it.  It is very light, easily moved about, quick enough for most roads in Cornwall and, after fitting my Givi top box, can carry quite a high volume. But it slows down on hills, especially two up. I also have a 650cc BMW R65LS which I … Read more

Scooters in General

I am really enjoying the Address, so I was thinking of getting another more powerful scooter. But I think my strive for simplicity debars most, or maybe all, of the offers open. I really don’t want water cooling, with the inevitable addition of a water pump, a thermostat, a radiator, water pipes, coolant, and the … Read more

Top Speed

The top speed of the Address is around 64mph on the clock or around 60mph gps. I say “around” as it is very dependent on slope and wind speed – but on the flat and with no wind I can manage 60mph. Calculations show that at the maximum power at 8000 engine rpm corresponds to … Read more

Address – Modifications

The Alarm The Address would be quite easy to steal.  Two or more strong blokes could easily lift it into a van even if the steering and the wheels were locked. I have a chain to lock to a lamppost or similar, but its a hassle to look for a suitable fixed pole to lock … Read more