Freedom day plus three months

Restrictions were removed in England on 19th July – three months ago.  The number of daily cases now is around the same, so maybe we are not doing so bad? After “Freedom Day” the cases came down following the super spreading events of the world cup and festivals combined with the restrictions that had been … Read more

Covid – Cornwall’s Dip

Here is an excerpt from my very first post on Covid 19, back on 1st April 2020. My prediction is that the Conservative government will subcontract testing and tracking to a private company who is a sizeable Tory party donor, probably with links to MPs past and present. Selling off NHS for profit’: Full list … Read more

More lessons from Cornwall.

In Cornwall, from mid September to now cases have risen from 2500 per million of population to 5000 OR 250 to 500 per 100,000. In the whole of England cases have risen from 270 to 380. so why is Cornwall worse? It is to do with the age distribution. In September the schools has just re-started … Read more

UK compared

The government are proudly declaring their success in tackling the pandemic. So how are we doing compared to our neighbours? OK. co our case numbers are much higher, but our vaccination rates are higher than everyone else’s – right? Wrong! We have a worse than average vaccination rate compared to our neighbours.But that would mean … Read more

Herd Immunity

September was not as bad as it could have been and not as bad as expected. The number of new cases per week for the UK has levelled out, as has the death rate. The mortality remains around 0.5% so 1 in 200 people who have tested positive have died. The expected rise due to … Read more

Muddling on

So we continue. The number of new reported COVID cases continue to increase, albeit slowly. Current average figures show :- 33,034 new cases per day, or a new case is reported every 23 seconds. 142 people die every day from Covid or one death every 10 minutes. 8000 people are in hospital 1000 people are … Read more

Hospital Overload

Let us see how the load on hospitals effects the mortality rate.  This is a comparison of the 2021 January surge, the spring lull, durimg the lockdown, and the latest data on the government website. The January Spike Parameter Date Value Cases per day 1st Jan 61,227 Patients admitted to hospital per day 9th Jan … Read more

The lessons from Cornwall

The story of how Cornwall’s Covid new case rate rose from being almost the lowest in in the country to the highest in the country in three months. May 17th. The UK Government began easing restrictions in England. At that time Englands cases were running at 227 new cases per day.  In Cornwall the figure … Read more

Government Strategy

Currently the UK leads Europe in the number of new Covid cases in the last 7 days.  We are around 240,000 and rising, while in second place is Russia (although Russia’s figures are suspect  at 140,000 and falling  We also lead when taking population into account (apart from the tiny countries of the Isle of … Read more

The bleedin’ obvious.

A body of “experts” have brought out a “Preprint version” of a document linking the Euro 2020 fixtures to a rise in covid cases  Public health impact of mass sporting and cultural events in a rising COVID-19 prevalence in England  This was glaringly obvious as I posted four weeks ago. Covid –  Super Spreaders.  The … Read more