I’ve had two wheeled transport from the age of around 12 until the present day.  My pedal bikes gave way to Lambrettas then to motorcycles.

Around a year ago I bought a little scooter with the intention of using it to run to the shops.

I was not really expecting a lot.  I have had medium sized bikes (by modern standards – they used to be classed as big bikes) most of my riding life around 650cc and 50+ bhp. So a wee 113cc 9hp scooter was not going to do much.

What a surprise. It’s quick off the mark and will touch 60mph on the flat without a problem.

In the area I live the roads are quite narrow and twisty and most traffic is tootling along under 50mph.

It only weighs 100Kg. my other bike, a BMW 65RLS weighs in at over twice that.

Speed on the flat is unaffected by carrying a pillion passenger, but it is noticeable on hills. However I still seem to be able to keep up with the car in front, when there is one.

The seat height is quite low too and I can comfortably put both feet flat on the ground.  This makes it so easy to manoeuvre or to use the human powered reverse gear.

I have not needed to do much in the way of modifications.  I fitted my old Givi top box onto the carrier, and replaced the 35/35W headlamp with a 55/60W one.

There is more info on my Tiny Wee Scooter here.