Scooters in General

I am really enjoying the Address, so I was thinking of getting another more powerful scooter. But I think my strive for simplicity debars most, or maybe all, of the offers open. I really don’t want water cooling, with the inevitable addition of a water pump, a thermostat, a radiator, water pipes, coolant, and the … Read more

Top Speed

The top speed of the Address is around 64mph on the clock or around 60mph gps. I say “around” as it is very dependent on slope and wind speed – but on the flat and with no wind I can manage 60mph. Calculations show that at the maximum power at 8000 engine rpm corresponds to … Read more

Address – Modifications

The Alarm The Address would be quite easy to steal.  Two or more strong blokes could easily lift it into a van even if the steering and the wheels were locked. I have a chain to lock to a lamppost or similar, but its a hassle to look for a suitable fixed pole to lock … Read more

Address – Servicing

  Mech it better have some really good videos on the Suzuki address and other bikes.  Here are some below which I have embedded to make them easier to find for the future. Oil Change Tappets Changing the rear brake shoes Front brake pads Sidelight bulbs Headlight Bulb Brake Lever Brake light Front Panel Heated … Read more

Address – First Impressions

I picked it up this morning and rode the long way home along the Cornish north coast. Never having rode a “twist and go” scooter before it was quite an experience, but I soon got used to it. Things to remember:- Don’t blip the throttle when stationary, or rev it as soon as the engine … Read more

Address – Running In

I followed the manufacturers instructions for running in the Himalayan and it was very tedious. Below is Suzuki’s recommended procedure for running in. So basically 500 miles at 1/2 or less than another 500 miles at 3/4 throttle or less. On 113cc engine with 9bhp!! I have to take it easy with the tyres for … Read more

Address – Why?

History SO – I came to Cornwall with two motorbikes which had stood unused and decaying away in the garage in Scotland for over 10 years. The Honda Deauville would not start (with an external car battery of course) so it was pushed into the van. The BMW R65LS started straight away and I rode … Read more