Managing photos on a Macbook

I am very used to managing my photos on a Windows computer using my old Photoshop CS2. I’ve been using it for over 15 years.  I used to use actions in Photoshop to batch edit hundred of photos at a time from a wedding or a nursery shoot. But CS2 doesn’t work on my MacBook air, and I do not shoot professionally now, so I can make do with less power.  But it’s a relearning exercise. All of this is probably very elementary for a seasoned MacBook user but it’s all new to me.

Apple Photos, with a bit of practice is good enough for my current use, but it uses a huge amount of disc space. As an example:-

  • I took around 130 photos and loaded them up to Google drive.  They took up 404Mb.
  • I imported them into Apple photos and  performed some cropping and sharpening on them then saved them at a reduced size for facebook.  The manipulated images took up 2.9Mb.
  • BUT the Apple photos folder then occupied 2.5Gb! Over six time the size of the original images! 

At that rate I would fill up the MacBook drive very quickly.  Apple’s solution is to use external drives! To hell with that! If I’d done that for my professional work I would have had a room full of disc drives.

So my procedure is:-

  1. Put pics on Google Drive (for back up). If really necessary  I can access the photos on my windows machines with Photoshop CS2, but Apple photos should be OK for 95% of my stuff.
  2. Import pics into Apple photos for manipulation
  3. Work on pics then export them at a suitable size for the final destination.
  4. Delete the pics on Photos
  5. Delete the “recently deleted files” in Photos.

That way I only retain the original images and the final images.

Pics from screen capture

Sometimes I need to grab an image from the screen to put onto a website (like this one)

Quickest way is to use <command><shift><f4> to grab the pic from the screen

It appears as a thumbnail at the bottom of the screen

Right click and open in Preview

<Tools><adjust size> Take it down to a sensible size for the final destination (1200 px wide is ok for most web applications)

<File><export> as JPEG Quality of around 50% is good enough for the web. Put it somewhere you can find it.





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