The Exam results

When I took my GCE “A” levels, a little over 50 years ago I got two B’s and a C. These were good marks. Only the top 1% of candidates got an A, and three or more A’s were very rare. Most Universities required C’s and D’s as entrance requirements with only a few went … Read more

Managing photos on a Macbook

I am very used to managing my photos on a Windows computer using my old Photoshop CS2. I’ve been using it for over 15 years.  I used to use actions in Photoshop to batch edit hundred of photos at a time from a wedding or a nursery shoot. But CS2 doesn’t work on my MacBook … Read more

It goes on.

In my last post I asked:- how fast does the the current variant of the virus spread without super spreader events under current restrictions? when is the next super spreader event? will the Latitude festival experiment be a success? are there any significantly different variants on the way? 1.Virus Spread We can look at the … Read more

Super Spreaders

To understand what is driving the covid rates up we can have a look at the government data. If we look at the dates just before the cases start to rise we can see the common factors. Following a mass event like a high profile football match with a crowded stadium and crowded pubs up … Read more

Freedom Day

Today is the day that the government has declared we can now stop wearing masks and stop maintaining social distancing. We are now encouraged to stop working at home and get into work. We can also travel to many more countries and not have to isolate on return. Those making the call are Savid Javid, … Read more

Changing to a Macbook

After years of Windows (from Windows 3.1 through to 10) I have finally bought a Macbook.  Why?  My Lenovo was starting to have battery problems – only lasting a 2-3 hours. My Samsung never lasted long on battery and it’s really too big for a laptop.  I use a lap top on my lap! Both … Read more

Covid – Mid July

New Cases On July 5th I predicted that by 13th July the daily new cases would be at record levels.  Well I was a little pessimistic. They are about the same as on Christmas day 2020, and two thirds of record levels but still rising.   The rate of rise in England is however slowing … Read more

Fining Pieces of Paper

The government has just fined Southern water £90,000,000 for pouring sewage into the sea. In 2017 a worker lost a thumb and fingers in an industrial accident. Almost four years later (May 2021) the company was fined for breaching Health and Safety regulations. We have fined banks;  we have  fined hospitals;  we have fined network … Read more

Covid – Mortality

I measure the mortality of the pandemic as the ratio of deaths to new cases 18 days earlier.  Why 18 days? This seems to give the most consistent graphs. Before September 2020, the measurement of new cases was very sporadic so I only use the figures after that date. We can see the mortlality sitting … Read more

The Exit Strategy

The fourth wave of Covid 19 infections is continuing unabated in the UK. First a little data:- New cases are now rising at about 70% per week.If they continue to rise at this rate they will reach record levels by July 13th.If they continue to tise at this rate thereafter they will reach 1 million … Read more