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2045 - the new site

I got fed up with constant updates to Wordpress, themes, plugins etc. so I have reverted to an html site and "tidied away" most of the out of date posts.

Motorhome things

My Autosleeper Nuevo

These posts, mostly technical, were quite popular on the old site.  I'll add more.

Electricity  Surviving without hookups or solar power and the trials of choosing a leisure battery

Water Keeping topped up

Gas Changing bottles.

Heating  Keeping warm - easy.



Dancing at the Minack

A selection of links and musings mainly about folk music, and open mics.

Bands and Performers.  A great bunch of musicians.

Open Mic Etiquette  Not be a minute. I'll just tune up. Now what will I sing? Oh I know. Hang on that's in a different tuning, not be a minute.  Here we go.   No idea who wrote this, I got it off an old LP.  I must remember to give it back.  Oops - I can't sing in that key! Anyone got a capo I can borrow? 


The Saltire, the Union Flag, and a possible rUK Flag

Many of my posts were in favour of Scottish Independence. I've removed them but I will start again when the next campaign begins.

What drives Jeremy Hunt? Is he really concerned with patients?

Fining Corporations Yes we demand that pieces of paper are punished for robbery, negligence, and manslaughter.

Education, Education, Education Remember the slogan? Seemed a good idea at the time



Typewriter keyboard

I write various articles as the ideas occur.

How the North was won Why did a country with a socialist conscience like Scotland vote to stay in a right wing Union. The answer is simple - they didn't.

Putting the Earth into Perspective  The Earth is so big and the Universe is so old you can't imagine it.  But you can.

The Ambassador How to negotiate from a position of weakness


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