The Covid Chronicles

This is a series of articles on the progress of the Coronavirus pandemic across the UK.  The earlier articles were originally on  my other site at

The articles were started on April 1st 2020 and reflect my views and predictions at the time.  20:20 hindsight shows that some of my predictions were  not 100% accurate but generally they have reflected how things have panned out.

What has been consistent is my criticism of the governments handling of the pandemic, which has been, and continues to be appalling.  Obviously Boris Johnson is way out of his depth, but there is probably no other person in the government, or even in the opposition that could had handled it much better.  This shows the inadequacies of our rulers.

From the beginning, where the world watched in horror as cases ramped up in Italy, and hospitals could not cope, our government sat on it’s collective hands for four weeks, only taking after we had had 0ver 800 deaths from the virus which was doubling every three days. 

Always the government has acted too late, ignoring the situation in other countries, and the advice of it’s own scientists.

It continues to this day.