You’re on your own

  • Hospitalisations are rising at around 40% per week.  
  • Festival (or super spreader) season is upon us. (On a personal note, Cornwall’s tourist season is starting which is a super spreader event in itself)
  • The latest Omicron B4 and B5 variants are more severe than the recent B2 variant
  • Testing is very low due to the government withdrawing free test lateral flow kits
  • 90% of booster doses were issued before the start of 2022 – they begin lose effectiveness after 3 months
  • There are no plans soon for further vaccinations outside of care homes
  • The NHS is grossly underfunded and running at maximum capacity
  • There is very low morale in the NHS workforce and industrial action in the form of strikes is possible
  • The ambulance service has the longest waiting times on record.

There is no government action, but Prof Susan Hopkins, the chief medical adviser at the UKHSA says:-

“As prevalence increases, it’s more important than ever that we all remain alert, take precautions, and ensure that we’re up to date with Covid-19 vaccinations, which remain our best form of defence against the virus. It’s not too late to catch up if you’ve missed boosters, or even first doses, so please take your recommended vaccines.”

Meanwhile the government’s Covid reporting site is switching from daily reporting (Mon-Fri) to weekly (Wednesdays only).

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