Cases down?

The number of recorded Covid cases have peaked.  This may be because the number of infections are going down, or it may have something to do with this response from the NHS website

This in turn may have something to do with the reduction in case numbers.

  • Hospital admissions are rising by 11.5% per week (currently 15,658 per week)
  • The number of Covid patients in mechanical ventilation beds is rising by 15% per week (currently 365)
  • Deaths are rising by 22% per week (currently 1,070 per week – by comparison Ukraine has had a total of 1,174 civilian deaths since the start of the war.)

There is always a 2-3 week delay between a change in the number of cases per day and the changes in hospital admissions and deaths.  So if cases really are reducing we should see the admissions and deaths start to come down soon.

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