I finally got it.

Three days ago Boris announced a change to the Covid Rules

From this Thursday, 24 February, we will end the legal requirement to self-isolate following a positive test, and so we will also end self-isolation support payments, although Covid provisions for Statutory Sick Pay can still be claimed for a further month.

We will end routine contact tracing, and no longer ask fully vaccinated close contacts and those under 18 to test daily for seven days.

Today I took a lateral flow test.

And I got a positive.  My wife took one and she was negative.

We are both double jabbed and boosted but our booster was almost 4 months ago.

From my post of 31st January
So, basically we are almost certain to catch Covid if the incidences continue as they have done in the past or get worse.  I really can’t see the end of wave after wave of different variants.

I registered my positive result on line – it’s actually quite a laborious process and I think many people will abandon the attempt half way through. Also my symptoms are just like a cold, and colds are pretty common this time of the year so some people won’t even bother testing.

Actually this is quite heartening!  Whereas the number of cases may be much higher than the recorded figures, the number of people in hospital, and the number of deaths will be much more accurate. SO the chances of being hospitalised, or dying are lower. This may also explain why hospitalisations have dropped by around 55% since the peak, the number of recorded cases has dropped by 80%.

My symptoms started on Saturday 26th February, so according to NHS guidelines I need to isolate for 5 days – then take a test on Thursday 3rd March.  If it is negative, I retest on Friday 4th March and if that is negative I’m good to go.

Where did I catch it?
The incubation period for the Omicron Variant is around 3-5 days on average.  I fort symptoms on Saturday, so that give a window of Tuesday to Thursday.

  • Was it on Tuesday when we popped into a Cafe for coffee and cake?
  • Was it on Tuesday when we popped into a pub for a pint
  • Was it on Wednesday afternoon when I took my scooter in for it’s MOT and I chatted to the mechanic about motorbikes in general?
  • Was it on Wednesday night when we met with around a dozen friends for a sing around in a pub? We were socially distanced and the pub was very roomy, although maybe not enough ventilation. (Update 9th March – it looks like this was it – at least 4 other attendees have been ill with it.  This was 3 days before symptoms started which ties in with the incubation period for Omicron.)
  • Another possibility is that I caught it from my wife.  She registered negative on Sunday, but she could have thrown it off by then.  So she would have caught it two weeks ago. She had no symptoms other than a headache on night which needed a paracetamol. (Update 5th March, she has caught it after me.)

Who knows?

So far my symptoms have been mild. I felt fine on Thursday and Friday, but I woke up with a headache and cold symptoms on Saturday (Day 0). I put it down to a combination of a cold and lack of sleep following a few late nights. I slept quite a bit during the day but I gradually felt better towards the evening.

I woke up feeling a bit tired again on Sunday (Day 1) and took the test.

By the afternoon I was feeling. better apart from a running nose, and a slight sore throat.

Monday (Day 2)- I slept well last night. I felt a bit worse in the morning compared to yesterday – nose still running, and a bit of a cough. I got a headache which got steadily worse so I took a couple of Paracetamol around 8pm

Tuesday (Day 3) – I slept well again.  I felt better in the morning than I did yesterday – I hope I’m past the peak. By the evening my nose felt less blocked and I felt that I was definitely on the mend.

Wednesday (Day 4) – Another good night’s sleep. This virus, if anything, improves sleeping. I woke up feeling almost normal.  But after moving around getting breakfast sorted I felt a bit sleepy again. By the evening though I was feeling back to 100%!

Thursday – (Day 5) – I woke up feeling fine, felt full f confidence when I took another test. But:-

It was another positive.

I think this batch of testing kits is a bit dodgy.  With the first one I could not get the drops to come out of the dispenser so I had to take a second test.  This only worked with lots of shaking and tapping the dispenser.  My previous test, from a different batch did not have this problem.  My wife’s test (Day 0) from the suspect batch registered inconclusive – without a T bar. A further test with another batch registered negative, BUT she seemed to develop similar symptoms to mine through the day.

Oh well, I keep on testing until I get two successive days with negative results.  It’s annoying because we live in Cornwall and this weekend is St Pirran’s day.  It’s a big Cornish celebration and we were supposed to be performing.

Friday (Day 6) I feel fine.  So I took another test.

 Another positive.

I have felt 100% fit for two days, but I am still infectious.

My wife, (Day 1) however is feeling poorly with symptoms similar to mine, but with worse headaches and added queasiness, which I did not get.  Her test showed a very faint T line after 30 minutes which tour could only see if you were looking hard for it and turned the strip a particular way into the light.

The law does NOT say I have to stay in the house or even self isolate, so I went shopping for essentials, but maintained strict social distancing and wore a mask at all times in shops.

Saturday (Day 7). I still feel fine, although I now have a slight cough.  My wife (Day 2) is feeling slightly better. It is a glorious day outside for the St Pirrans festival. There is not much point in testing today.  I’d still be being very careful as long as either of us has it.

Sunday (Day 8). No change for me, but my wife is slightly worse (Day 3). She has a sore throat, queasiness, and general tiredness. Not much point in testing again.  I’m not going anywhere.

Monday (Day 9). I still feel fine – no change and my wife (Day 4) is a bit better. She has ear ache, but the queasiness is less than yesterday.  She is taking longer to get over it than I did. Still not much point in me taking a test.

Tuesday (Day 10). My nose seems to be stuffed up again. Have I a cold?  I can’t imagine where I would have picked that up! I have been close to no one for over a week.  Or is it a lingering Covid symptom. or maybe just the body’s response to the rather chilly weather. I took the dog for a 3 mile walk on the Coastal path yesterday.  The wind blew continually and the air temperature was around 6C – “feels like” temperature around 2C).

So I took another test and I got a faint line. I think maybe I have dealt with the virus, but my wife is still breathing it out in so the test is probably picking that up.

My wife (Day 5) was a little better in the morning and afternoon but she was not feeling well in the evening. Her first tests were ambiguous but her test today had a solid positive.

Friday (Day 13) I’m still fine, my wife (Day 8) has been improving day by day and is now almost back to normal. Yesterday we both took the dog out for a walk and I worked for a couple of hours on my motorcycle.  We both felt a little more tired than we would gave expected after that small exertion.

I guess neither of us will be completely clear until we both are. That looks like another 2 days (13th March).

Sunday (Day 15).

I finally got  a clear, so I’m not infectious now.  It may have been clear a few days ago but I waited a while until my wife (Day 10) had a better chance of getting a clear too.

Unfortunately, she still got a faint line so we are not completely out of the woods. We’ll keep trying.  She feels normal but still not quite as much energy as usual.

Wednesday (Day 18). I’m still fine, although I think my stamina may be down a little on pre-infection levels.
Finally my wife (Day 13) has a clear.  It would probably have been clear a day or two ago.  However the effects still remain, in particular fatigue and a raspy throat.

It has only been two and a half weeks since the first Covid positive result.  It feels a lot longer.

Oh well, we should be immune for a few months now. Time to rebuild on  our pre-covid (i.e.2019) life – until the next variant anyway.