Song Lyrics on an iphone

I have used LyricPad for many years and it worked really well for me, and I thoroughly recommend it to android users.  But I switched to an iphone and it doesn’t work on that. I can still use it on my old Moto G5, or Samsung tablet but they are old and battery life is an issue.

There are apps on the App store, but they all seem to have some issues according to reviews and most are quite expensive; so I decided to see what an iphone can do without any extra apps.

I used Pages.  Why? Because it has a presentation mode in which the text can be scrolled. When you are using a small screen, as on an iphone this is important.  It’s not so important on a larger screen like an ipad.

Getting the lyrics in.

All of this is done on the MacBook.
I have lots of songs stored in Lyric Pad as text files, and and also in my master songbook as ods files (now in Libreoffice but originally in Word).  I find the best way is to edit them in Libreoffice as it is a better word processor than Pages and has a find and replace function all so that I can replace Em with Em.

Jims song book has thousands of songs with the Lyrics and chords. It also has a feature to change they key, and it scrolls too, so it is really useful to find the right key for our voices here. Using the Edit function, the plain text is then copied and pasted into Libreoffice for final editing.

Then finally the complete chords and lyrics, all colour coded are copied from Libreoffice into a Pages document.  The title is added, and the file saved with the song title as the name into a shared icloud folder.

Using the lyrics

On the iphone, the songs can be seen in the shared folder, but they are still only on the icloud. Clicking on the cloud sign, downloads them to the phone which is necessary as we may be needing the lyrics when we don’t have an internet connection.

The songs can helpfully be listed alphabetically so it is easy to find a particular song.

Once open, clicking on the … icon gives some options. The ones I use are <Screen View> which optimises the text to fill the screen and <Presenter Mode> which gives a very large text.

Clicking on the Aa icon allows control of

  • text size (I find the minimum is fine)
  • colour scheme
  • font
  • line spacing (I set to 1.00)
  • margins (I set to None)
  • and Auto Scroll.  As the scroll speed is adjusted the speed in “words per minute” appears at the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately this is not a “per file” setting and may need speeding up a little for a fast song or slowing down for a slow one. Or go for a faster speed  and add in extra line breaks for slower songs.

Compared to Lyric Pad


  • More Flexibility in formatting
  • Automatic sync between MacBook and iphone
  • Other users can get automatic syncs too.
  • Free
  • No dropbox or Google drive needed


  • No setlists
  • No backing tracks (we never used them anyway)
  • No easy key change facility.
  • No simple jump to next song
  • No individual control over scrolling speed.

Lyric Pad has many other functions, but we didn’t use them.

I’ve tried to put the songs into book format, but the contents page does not come through on the iphone, and the formatting is not good between songs.

I must admit, I prefer Lyric Pad and I would pay for it on iphone, but, hey ho, Pages works.