Covid – We have been here before.

19th July 2021

Boris Johnson removed all restrictions. We were 4 days past the peak in new cases

  • New cases in the UK were running at around 40,000 per day. They stayed around this level until 10 December when Omicron kicked in
  • Hospital admissions were at 845 per day. They continued around that level until Omicron
  • We were experiencing 62 deaths per day. This rose to around 120 per day until Omicron
  • Between the removal of restrictions in July and the the reimposition in December 126,377 people were hospitalised and 1 in 7 of them died.

23rd January 2022

Boris Johnson announces removal of  all restrictions. We are 23 days past the peak in new cases

  • New cases are running at 92,000 per day
  • Hospital admissions are at 2,000 per day
  • Deaths are at 270 per day

So, we have been here before – well almost. Daily cases and hospital admissions are over twice as high, and daily deaths are four times as high as the last time restriction were removed. But this time self isolation for Covid cases will stop on 24th March, [Update  9th Feb:-Boris brings it forward to 21st Feb] so there will not be much point in getting tested really – so we will see a big drop in recorded cases.

What could possibly go wrong?

Update 2nd February

  • New cases : 100,000 per day – the figure now includes re-infections
  • Hospital admissions: 1,800 per day
  • Deaths: 260 per day