I had my booster jab yesterday. I’m feeling a bit lethargic today but no other side effects.  I got the jab around two weeks after I became eligible (it was the earliest appointment I could get) 

Currently the NHS is administering around 300,000 booster jabs per day, 20,000 second doses and 40,000 first doses. That is a total of over 2.5 million doses per week.  That is a wonderful achievement.

12% of  eligible people (i.e. over 12 years of age) have not had their first dose yet.  The probable reason is very simple:- Fear of needles. Around 16% of the adult population have a fear or phobia of needles.

Currently 48 million people who have had their first dose are eligible for their second dose. But only 46 million people have had it.

Many people are not eligible for a booster jab, but assuming that ultimately all adults over 12 (that is 57 million) will be eligible, and currently just under 10 million have had the booster then around 80% are waiting for it.  At the current rate, everyone should had their booster by early Mid April 2022.

But many will not take up the offer.  For example, of the 7.5 million people without even their first jab, only 1 in 200 are coming forward per day. I suspect that the majority will never get a jab.

I got my second jab on 25th April.  Up till then 12,899,823 had had their second dose and must now be eligible. but only 9.347.074 have had it. So 1 in 4 eligible people are either late in being offered it, or late in taking it up, or are not bothering.

To Summarise
1 in 7 eligible people have not had first dose – and most of them won’t ever have it. Perhaps finding a way to administer the vaccine without using a needle would help.
1 in 24 eligible people who have had their first dose have not had second dose
1 in 4 people eligible people have not yet had a booster dose.

The government may make more people eligible by dropping required period between the second dose and the booster dose from six months to 5 months.  They will now be starting to worry about the inevitable surge at Christmas and the subsequent effect on their election prospects, especially with the current sleaze debacle about tory sleaze and Johnson’s climate hypocrisy