UK compared

The government are proudly declaring their success in tackling the pandemic. So how are we doing compared to our neighbours?

OK. co our case numbers are much higher, but our vaccination rates are higher than everyone else’s – right?

We have a worse than average vaccination rate compared to our neighbours.
But that would mean that our hospital admissions would be higher!

And our hospital occupancy must be higher too?

Not quite.
France is higher than we are.
So how many do we have in Intensive care?

Despite the fact we have more people admitted to hospital, we have less people in intensive care! This is simply because we do not have enough ICU beds or enough trained nurses to staff them.
(See Hospital Overload)
So what does our death rate look like?

As expected.
We have the highest Covid rates due to government strategy, comparatively low vaccination rates and insufficient ICU beds due to government starving the NHS of funds and this leads us to the highest death rate.


We. continue to muddle through, doing poorly compared to our neighbours. We used to have the best health service in the world. Those days are long gone and, with Boris’s MPs and donors howling for tax cuts, they are unlikely to return soon.

Your can fool some of the people all of the time, etc. etc
But in politics you only need to fool enough of the people on election day.

And he did, and he probably will again.

The graphs above all come from Our World in Data.

And in the UK

Most of the UK cases are due to Boris’s strategy because most of the UK’s population are in England. But The UK comprises four countries.

I had added Cornwall to the chart for personal reasons (I live there).

All of the other countries are doing worse than England as regards deaths from Covid, but due to relative populations they only have a small effect on the UK overall.

Update :- 9th October
Nick Triggle of the BBC posts a similar view, but less optimistic.