The bleedin’ obvious.

A body of “experts” have brought out a “Preprint version” of a document linking the Euro 2020 fixtures to a rise in covid cases 

Public health impact of mass sporting and cultural events in a rising COVID-19 prevalence in England 

This was glaringly obvious as I posted four weeks ago. Covid –  Super Spreaders.  The report offers some recommendations. Maybe the government will react – maybe not.

The Latitude Festival results are still not published, but we can look at some data.  Below is a graph that tracks the data for the whole of England. 

Covid – England Cases

We can see the level coming down following the huge peak caused by the Euro 2020 matches. On July 23rd, the start of the Latitude Festival, it continued to come down, finally bottoming out on 30th July before beginning a slow rise which still continues.

We can compare this with the level for Suffolk where the Latitude Festival was held.

Covid – Suffolk Cases

The lowest number was on 25th July, then cases rose rapidly (during and following the Latitude Festival)  peaking on the 30th July.

Although the Festival is in Suffolk, it is very close to the border with Norfolk.  The levels for Norfolk are shown below.

Covid Norfolk Cases

The sudden rise following the festival is similar but actually more pronounced than Suffolk.

We can also note that in both Norfolk and Suffolk, case levels are still slightly higher than before the Festival started. in England overall they are slightly lower.

But the cases due to the Boardmasters Festival in Cornwall are much more dramatic

Covid cases – Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

Cases have rocketed since the Boardmasters event which ended on 15th August.  Apart from Cornwall, the event will have transmitted Covid all over the country, and will be playing a big part in the latest rise in the number of in the UK.

Perhaps, in a month or so, a group of experts will publish a draft paper with some recommendations!

Meanwhile, the festivals continue with the football fixtures operating as usual.  

What can possibly go wrong?