The new norm.

It seems the UK is happy to continue at the present covid levels.

  1. 28,000 new cases per day

  2. 800 new hospitalisations per day

  3. 6000 people in hospital with covid

  4. 900 people on ventilator beds

  5. 80 deaths per day

    All above data from the governments site

  6.  Almost 1 million people with long covid.

    Data from ONS

Restrictions are being removed so it does not look likely that the situation will improve without government intervention, although it could easily deteriorate – possibly due to more events like the Boardmasters Festival

The festival is based in Newquay in Cornwall and, this year had 50,000 attendees. Many of them would be living in Cornwall, and predictably the number of Covid cases has spiked quite dramatically following the festival. 

But most visitors will have come to Boardmasters from the rest of the UK and some will be taking home a dose of Covid as a memento, which they will, probably unknowingly share with their friends, family, and travelling companions.

Regular events like this and other festivals, the parties that following the students returning to campuses, bank holidays, and of course Christmas may push the figures considerably higher.

The original government strategy was herd immunity and it seems to be their strategy again.  But it seems that neither a previous dose of the disease or the recommended vaccine doses will give individuals immunity, so it is difficult to see how herd immunity could be achieved.