Cornwall and the G7

Cornwall has covid incidence of 6 cases per 100,000.  The UK as a whole is 30.

The G7 summit is coming to Cornwall 11 – 13 June and contingents will be arriving from all of the G7 countries plus guest countries.  How are these countries doing in the battle against covid 19?

Country Cases per 100,000Deaths per 100,000
UK G717.20.6
Japan G73246.7
Canada G780.47.4
USA G754.311.8
Germany G7 61014.8
France G7***15.0
Italy G7 54817.7
Australia (Guest)20
South Korea (Guest)810.6
South Africa (Guest) 3629.9
India (Guest)128421.1

***France has adjusted its number of cases so we don’t know the current number of cases.

So heads of states, advisors, security staff and hordes of media personnel will be flying into Cornwall, and virtually all come from places where the covid incidence is higher or vastly higher than in Cornwall.
In addition 6500 police will be in Cornwall from all 43 police forces in England and Wales, partly to control the hordes of demonstrators who will flock to Cornwall, also from all over the UK. Some will be from covid hotspots and have had no tests.
These will add to the huge increase in holidaymakers from the rest of the UK following all of the hype on TV about Cornwall recently and restrictions on foreign travel.
All this is happening a time when there is a surge in Covid 19 cases in the UK, due to the introduction of the Indian Variant.

Cornwall currently has a very low number (possibly zero), cases of the Indian variant.

It will be surprising if there was not a spike in the number of cases in Cornwall, and a subsequent faster increase in cases, following the introduction of the Indian Variant. Thanks to G7 we may become a covid hotspot. This is ironic as how to handle the pandemic will feature high on the agenda.

Effects on the covid statistics should be begin to be seen soon after the event. Will the G7 be a super spreader event?

Update 11/06/2021
The media hordes, and the 5000 police have now arrived. Cornwall has today recorded 82 new cases in one day.  That is higher per head of population than England.
The ship carrying the 1000-2000 police has had a case of the virus  and 12 officers are now isolating.
A hotel hosting media and security staff has had to close following an outbreak with 13 out of around 17 staff infected.

The number of cases is rising rapidly.

The G7 conference does indeed look like a super spreader.

Cornwall’s daily new cases are now catching up with the UK and are ahead of every other G7 country except South Africa.
Fortunately it appears that the deaths and hospitalizations are not rising as fast in the UK as the cases were a few weeks ago. This may be due to the new Delta (or Indian) variant being less serious and/or the effects of the vaccine.