Green Countries

The UK government has declared a number of countries which as “green”, which means that people coming from them do not have to isolate for 14 days.

Here are how the Green countries have faired over the last eight weeks.



All who can improved are improving and  most are doing better than the UK so this looks like a relatively safe option.  Some of the countries will not let UK visitors in anyway.  So this looks good, but are people allowed from other countries not on the list? 

YES. I live in Cornwall UK, which has a lower covid rate than the rest of the UK. In June we will host the G7 summit and we will be invaded by contingencies of leaders, security, hangers on, and probably journalists from the other countries. It is not yet known how many people will be coming.  How are those countries doing?  Lets see:-



Deaths in France and Italy are twenty times higher than here. India is only ten times, but the situation is getting in that country (much as it did here in the early stages due to the governments bungling).

This will put a huge responsibility in the Devon and Cornwall police.