A comparison with Australia.

The Victoria Lock down started 9th July when cases were around 150 cases per day but at that date they had no deaths.
Cases peaked on August 5th at around 500 new cases per day.
Lock down ended 28th October when the number of new cases was 2.
Total deaths in Victoria to covid is 820
Now Victoria has only 6.4 million inhabitants, so these figures translate to:-
Lock down started at 23 cases per million
Cases peaked at 80 cases per million
Lock down ended at 0.3 cases per million
Total deaths to covid is 128 per million.
Let’s compare that with England under Boris Johnson.

Lock down starts (cases per million population)235,653
Lock down ends0.340 (first lockdown)
Cases peak806,150
Total deaths per million1281,795 (to date)

It is obvious that prompt action on the part of Melbourne, Victoria, and Australian government have produced a far better end(?) result than the UK’s response.

If we had matched Australia, from the beginning, with total of 35 deaths per million of population, our death toll would have been under 2,500. 
If we had learned from Australia after the disastrous first wave, then our death toll would have been under 45,000.
Our death toll is over 100,000 and will probably end up around 130,000. But Boris Johnson says he take full responsibility. 

What would any normal person do if they really accepted they had been responsible for well over 100,000 avoidable deaths?

So how is Victoria doing now?
The latest Covid number says it all.

2 new case acquired from abroad and in quarantine, Zero local cases and Zero deaths, but still 13,612 tests per day.

It is worth pointing out, that the UK currently has a death rate per million of population of 1496 and still climbing. 
Australia’s is 35 and none since Dec 28th
New Zealand’s is 5 and none since September 16th.