Worst in class

So far the UK has the 7th highest deaths per million population of the 221 countries countries listed in worldometers.  That is bad.

But, for the deaths in the past week, the UK is number 1  of the larger countries. (Actually, the only country of any size worse than the UK is Gibraltar!)

The rise in cases following easing of restictions over Christmas is apparent in most countries, but especially Ireland

The rise in cases is inevitably followed by a rise in deaths.  Strangely, although there is much attention given to the Brazilian and South African strains, both of these countries seem to be faring better than the UK is regards both cases and deaths.   

So the government are doing a pretty awful job.  Fortunately the amazing NHS staff and our wonderful scientists and engineers are doing a phenomenal job.
The vaccine distribution is going well, and at current rates the entire population should be vaccinated by mid September.

But some people are refusing the vaccine, and some of these work in care homes. They should, obviously, not be allowed to work in cares homes in the same way that psychopaths, or people with a history of violence are not allowed. But that would take government legislation, so maybe next year??